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Transurfing. Part 38. Positive Slides. Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Part 38
Positive slides
If you want to make the best impression, create yourself a positive slide. Imagine yourself in the form in which you would like. When you create a negative slide you focus attention on what you do not like, what you would like to hide from others and on what you'd like to get rid of. The task now is to turn your attention to what you like in yourself, and what you would like to have. As was mentioned before, you can not hide your shortcomings, but if you want, you can easily highlight and develop your strengths.
First you need to host an inventory and identify your negative slides. Ask yourself what you personally do not like, what you want to hide and get rid of? A person creates his or her slides unconsciously. Now wake up and consciously look at your negative slides. In a lucid state, you will see them easily. It is necessary to toss all this garbage out of your head How to do it? You won't be able to get rid of them just like that, it is not the same as simply shaving a beard. If you are going to fight them, they will only show more clearly! It is necessary to deprive the slides of the basis on which they are kept, namely, your attention, and the value you attach to them. Attention must be switched from all that is negative to all that is positive. Forget about everything that used to annoy you and stop fighting it. Turn away from your weaknesses and turn your attention to the strengths and positive features that you have, and the ones you want to obtain in the future.
Is it important for you to cover up your shortcomings? This is the basis for the negative slide. Is it important for you to make a good impression? This will be the basis for a positive slide. Everything remained in their places, the only thing that changed is the direction of your attention, your importance. Consciously pretend that it is important for you to strive for all that is positive. Picture yourself the way you want to see yourself. This is not a delusion, because you're playing this game deliberately. Self-deception was when you were fighting with your flaws, believing that they can be hidden or destroyed by the force of internal intention. Create yourself a slide where you shine in all your glory. Love yourself in this slide and take care of this slide, adding new details.
The slide does not have to contain a static picture. It may be an idea of ​​how graceful and confident you move, how you are dressed elegantly, your aristocratic manners, your shining wit, radiating
charm, are likeable for people, easily solve all the problems. Now insert this slide and head forward. A positive slide just like a negative one, will have a direct impact on your actions and behavior. You involuntarily, and even unconsciously, will be adjusting to this slide. But the main work will be carried out by the external intention, in accordance with the content of your slide.
Keep re-playing the same image in your mind until the slide is dissolves. What does it mean? Over time, the slide will become an actual part of your personality, and then it will cease to be a slide. When you reach what you desired, it will cease to be of value to you. Importance will disappear and slide will dissolve, but it will accomplish its mission. This will mean that your soul will come into harmony with your mind. And this will definitely happen because you want it, with both your soul and mind. As long as your mind is trying to turn the slide into reality, deep down you still realize that this is only a game in the mask. But if you are consistently and systematically capture the content of the slide in your mind, your soul will get used and agree to take the slide as its integral nature. Do not forget that the external intention can not instantly materialize your slide, as it acts slowly.
As you can see, it is not too difficult to achieve the desired results. It is only about your determination to have. The content of slides may consist of to any qualities that you think you lack. However, you should be aware of whether the content of the slide is feasible and realistic is the materialization of your slide, in theory. Do not just paint a perfect picture. It's better to start with realistically achievable steps. Over time, you will be able to climb to higher levels.
Never picture other people (who in your opinion may have your desired qualities) in your slide! Your slide should be only yours and not someone else's copy. We will take a closer look at this point later. At this stage, we will just note that any quality has a substitute, which will fit you better at this stage. For example courage can be replaced with determination, beauty can be replaced with charm, strength with agility, the ability to speak can be replaced with the ability to listen, intelligence can be replaced with awareness, physical perfection with confidence. Having set achievable goals, you give the opportunity for your Outer intention to fulfill this minimal order of yours very fast, and start implementing more complex tasks.
Positive slides are particularly effective and fast when you go to a meeting with strangers who did not have a chance to make any impressions of you yet. It can be an interview, contest, party, or something like that. Feel free to insert the desired slide in your mind, and be afraid of nothing!
Do not forget the content of your slide, keep it constantly in mind. Allow yourself the luxury to reject any type of hesitation and doubts like "what if it does not work?" After all, you have nothing to lose, abandoning doubt. If you have enough determination, you will achieve the highest possible, and sometimes even incredible success.
Positive slides can be created not only regarding of your personality, but also in relation to the surrounding world. These slides will let in all the positive and reject the negative. If you remember, in the part about the Wave of Success we discussed the topic of broadcasting positive energy. Whatever happens, it is always advantageous to first of all to be open to all that is good and ignore all that is bad. At the exhibition you linger at the exhibits that you like and you pass indifferently by those that you do not like. In this respect, the real world is different from the exhibition in that in real world negativity will actually follow you and haunt you if you do not pass it indifferently. Positive, in turn, will always be with you, if you will happily welcome it.
It may seem that the positive slides are similar too a pair of pink-coloured glasses. But contrary to popular belief, rose-colored glasses is the invention of pessimists, not optimists. Pessimists fear to see everything unrealistically in a pink light and sternly warn optimists. Such pragmatism is nothing other than a negative slide. Pessimist does not dare to afford the luxury of having, and therefore receives in accordance with this belief - nothing.
Do not worry too much that a positive slide also distorts perception. In most cases, this distortion is negligible, since your internal control still does the job of keeping you down-to-earth. The distortion caused by positive slide, will only benefit you, unless of course you imagine yourself to be some kind of Napoleon. It is good to always remember about moderation and about excess potentials and balancing forces. Negative slides with their distortion bring immeasurably greater harm. But the distortion is not the most important thing. Their main feature of the slides is that the Outer intention, slowly but surely, transforms them into reality. 

Positive Slides: Expanding your comfort zone
Let's say you have an ambitious desire to be a star or a millionaire. Are you ready to allow and embrace it? Usually, people think that fame, money, or power - is the destiny of the special ones. Who chooses them, these chosen special people? First of all they choose themselves, and only then all the rest choose them too. If you dream about something, but not willing to allow it for yourself, you will not get it.
There is a homeless person on the street who looks into a window at someone's Christmas table. He is ready to allow it, to sit down at the table and eat? Of course, if he is invited, he will do it. Walking into the house and sitting down at the table is the determination to act, that is the inner intention. But who will invite him? And he is well aware of this. Christmas table is located in a different layer of the world. Is he ready to be the table at home, in his own layer of the world? No, a homeless person knows that he has no home, no money, and no way to make this money. External intention will not give him anything because, operating under the usual common sense, he is not ready to allow himself to have.
Suppose you want to become rich. And are you willing to accept such a gift of fate? Of course, if someone gives you a million, you will take it without problems and difficulties. And wealth will not ruin your life, as they sometimes try to present moralistic movies. But that's not what I'm talking about. Are you ready to take this million? You might be thinking that you want to make a million, to win? Again, not that. Are you ready to just choose? To allow yourself to have.
You must get used to the idea that you will achieve your goal. If you want to become a wealthy person, but are afraid to go to expensive shops, it will not work. If you feel the slightest embarrassment at an expensive store, then you are not ready to afford to have expensive things. Sellers in these stores are able to instantly determine who came to them: a potential buyer, or a curious with an empty wallet. The buyer behaves as a host, stays calm, confident and dignified - he is aware of his right to choose. The curious, striving, but poor, do not behave like invited guests. They are stiff, tense, timid, acutely feeling the appraising look of sellers on themselves, and almost apologizing for their presence at such a prestigious place. It creates at once a whole range of access potentials: lust, envy, a sense of inferiority, anger, resentment. And all because they are not only not willing to afford all of this financially, but do not even consider themselves worthy to have expensive things. The soul only understands literally all that the mind says to it, and what the mind, keeps saying is one thing: "All this is not for us, we are poor people, we need something more modest."
Allow yourself to be worthy of all this luxury. You really deserve all the best. It is destructive pendulums, for whom it is beneficial to keep you under control, who conditioned you that, so to say "Every cricket should know their place and stay on their own twig"
Confidently walk into expensive shops and look at things as a host, not as a servant in a wealthy house. Of course, it is useless to engage in self-delusion that, you can afford to buy it all now. Deceive yourself like that will not work, and it is not necessary. How then do you believe and allow yourself to have?
First of all, let us delineate the field of internal and external intention in the phrase "to be ready to have". A man accustomed to think and act in the framework of the internal intention, is inclined to immediately go ahead and say, "I can not afford it financially, period. What else can be said? "Well, do not try to convince yourself that you can afford to buy an expensive thing, feeling an empty wallet in your pocket. It's not about that. Internal intention implies determination to act, i.e. to get the money. But because there is no place where to take this money, the mind makes its pragmatic verdict. Within the framework of the internal intention, it is all true and you cannot really do much about it. External intention, too, won't just fall on your head, like manna from heaven. Where will it come from, if you are not willing to have? External intention implies determination to have, in other words, to consider yourself worthy and know that the choice is yours. Not to believe, but to know.
Deep down, you always doubt that the desire can actually be fulfilled. Even if you are willing to work for the fulfillment of desire, it is not enough. If you do not believe then you do not allow yourself to consider yourself worthy, or simply doubt the reality of it coming true. So those who became a star or a millionaire are different from you not in terms of their abilities, but only because they have allowed themselves to be what they wanted. It is necessary to allow yourself to have. This condition is similar to when you first rode a bicycle. Doubts, hesitation and logomachies disappeared, and there was one silent clarity - knowledge. The feeling of clarity without words, without the knowledge of the faith and confidence without hesitation, is exactly a state of unity of mind and soul. In this state, you feel your unity with the silent force that governs the universe. This force picks up and carries you to the sector, where comes true that upon which your soul and mind have come to an agreement
Everyone is free to choose whatever he likes, but not everyone believes that it is permitted. Whatever I tell you, you still will not fully believe that the real freedom of choice exists? All life proves the opposite, because all people are at the mercy of the pendulums. But even if you are free from the pendulums, freedom of choice still lies outside your comfort zone. It just seems too unbelievable - to have the right to choose the world's pendulums. Too unreal. In your mind you do not believe that your elusive dream - it's just a matter of your choice. So, positive slides help enable to incorporate the incredible into your comfort zone. When you stop to experience spiritual discomfort at the thought that you your dream is attainable, the doubts will disappear, and faith will turn into knowledge. The soul comes into harmony with the mind, and you will have the determination to have.
Convincing your soul of anything is useless. She does not speculate, she just knows. She can only accustomed to something through exposure. So she must get accustomed to a new comfort zone. That's what the slides are for. With the help of slides unity of soul and mind is achieved gradually. This fortress is taken by a long siege. Create a slide in the head of your dreams and keep it constantly in mind. Return to draw the image in the slide over and over again. Working out new the details, the new specifics and particulars. 
Do not look at the slide as an outside observer, but immerse yourself in it and live in it, at least virtually. Catch yourself and stop it, whenever you try to just present a slide in the form of films on the screen. This is inefficient. You have to mentally play the scene, feeling yourself to be a direct participant, rather than an observer in the audience, watching a play on the screen. Whatever you are doing, constantly re-create your slide in your thoughts and live in it. You can think of
other things but the picture of the slide must be always on the background, at the back of your mind. This should become a habit.
Slides give results only with long-term and systematic use.
Express active interest in all that relates to the subject matter of your dreams. Open yourself to and let in all relevant information, allow it to penetrate the layer of your world. It is beneficial if you have the opportunity to play this slide in reality, at least formally. For example, in the same expensive stores, you can rehearse how you will select your future purchase. Do not think about the money and do not look at the price tag. Your goal is not money, but what you can buy with it. Simply be present near it all, feel, taste, choose, just quietly watch and evaluate. Let all these things into your world. Look at them not as something unattainable, but as something that you are going to buy soon. Pretend  that you are the owner of all these things. Let sellers think that you are a buyer. Play the picky buyer (but not an arrogant one). Letting these things into the layer of your world, you will gradually become attuned to the line of life, where they will be yours.
Do not be worried about how they will be yours. If you have the determination to have, then the external intention will, without your awareness of it, find a way, which you did not suspect even existed. Then when it happens do not be surprised and do not try to convince yourself that this is a coincidence, accident, or some kind of mysticism. I do not remember who said this: "Coincidence - is the pseudonym of God when he does not wish to sign with his own name."
If you feel at least a fleeting sense of reverence for the world of your dreams, get rid of them. It's your world and there is nothing inaccessible to you. External or internal importance will serve as an obstacle to the unity of the soul and mind. The world of your dreams should be happy, but at the same time ordinary. If you have something, for you it is usually something normal, in the order of things. To tune in the corresponding life track, you should feel as if you already have whatever it is that you want. It is not self-deception, because you are doing this consciously with an intention.
The resolve to have, is the best illustrated by the newly-made Russian billionaires, whose number is now higher than in the developed countries of the West. In the period of perestroika in Russia, in the late eighties of the twentieth century, the narrow-minded politicians felt that the socialist economy will immediately turn into the market economy, if everything gets privatized. Those who at that time turned out to be near the feeders and captured the essence of the moment, made a fortune at once, without any effort. All that in the era of socialism belonged to the state, that is, oil, gas, gold, diamonds and all other natural, industrial and intellectual resources, became owned by a handful of oligarchs. Was everyone's - became his own. For this it was not necessary to do business the way it is made by real, not "inflated" billionaires who had to actually earn their millions. For those who were closest to the trough, all that was required was to place their hand on something and snarl: "Mine!", and then draw it as a legal act.
For what reason did something that used to belong to everyone suddenly started to belong to him only? This period in Russia was certainly unique. But next to the riches were a lot of smart and talented people, and, nevertheless, most got left with nothing. Those who managed to grab were those who allowed themselves to have. These newly-made oligarchs did not have a sense of guilt, remorse, doubts or feelings of inferiority. They did not consider themselves unworthy, it never occurred to them to feel guilty in expensive stores. They had a determination to have and so the dispassionate external intention gave it to them. Just like this. Do you still say it's incredible?!

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