Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Meditate with Me! Meditation with Positive Affirmations.

Guided Meditation with Affirmations with Elena. My Loving, Caring Life. The Amalgamation of Your Reality (Video).
The affirmations in this video are not just pure fantasies, They are based on a technique that a famous Russian Quantum Physicist has described. He calls this the most powerful technique there is, to drastically improve your reality for the better. It's called "Amalgamation of Reality". In short, it can be explained this way: 
If you add gold to the amalgam of a mirror, as did the Venetian masters, the reflection begins to acquire, new, beautiful, warmer shades. Since the world is a mirror, it can be adjusted in a similar manner - to form its own amalgam. As a core, dominant idea for your reality, you can select, for example, this formula: "My World (or My life) is taking care of me." See it as unwavering truth. Adjust your attitude deliberately, according to this core, dominant idea, and then you will see how the mirror of the world will react. The amalgam technique, despite its simplicity, is so powerful, that its power and effect truly cannot be underestimated. If you have the patience to make this technique a habit of yours, then after a while you'll be amazed just how much real impact your thought and resolution has on the surrounding reality. 
Make it a solid resolution: "My World (--Life) takes care of me." When meeting with any, even the most insignificant circumstances, keep telling yourself this formula - in any case, no matter what happens - good or bad. If you meet with success - do not forget to confirm to yourself that the world really cares. Recognize and confirm it to yourself in all small daily circumstances that you encounter. When faced with an unfortunate circumstance, still insist that everything is going as it should. Your world knows better how to take care of you. How you will look in the mirror, is how it will be.
(To view the text of my meditation, click Here!)

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