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Transurfing. Part 37. Negative Slides


Part 37 
Negative Slides
Man cannot perceive the world completely objectively. This is similar to how you insert a slide in the projector and look at the image. Normal uniform light passing through the film is converted into an image on the screen. The perception acts as a screen, light is the world, and slide  represents our world, that is the model of our understanding of the world.
Our understanding of ourselves and of the outside world is often far from the truth. Distortion is created by our slides. For example, you are concerned about some of your flaws, and because of that you experience feelings of inferiority, because you think that others also dislike this flaw in you and do not approve of it. Then, talking to people, you insert this inferiority slide into your mental movie projector and as a result you see everything in a distorted light.
For example, at the moment you are worried about how you're dressed. You would then think that others also pay attention to you and are watching you with a smile or contempt. But in the minds of others they are not at all thinking about how you're dressed. These thoughts are only in your head in the form of a slide, which distorts reality. Anyone from your environment, is usually ninety percent busy thinking about his own persona - just as you are. Even if you are interviewing for employment, rest assured that your interviewer is mostly concerned over how to best play his part.
Slides distort your perception of what you think about other people. Slide is a distorted picture of reality. Slide is what you have in your head, but others do not. For example, you think you don't look attractive enough. If you do not really care about this, there is no distortion. Everything is as it is. But what matters is not what exactly you think of your appearance, but the impact that the slide has on your life. If you are concerned about your appearance, you create in your mind a slide: "I'm ugly" and you look at the world through this perception, using it as a filter. This is a slide, because it exists only in your thoughts.
Appearance can be evaluated, meaning given importance to only by your potential intimate partners. And this is a very small percentage of people. The rest of others do not care about your appearance. Do you not believe me? Then ask the most authoritative arbiter, that is, yourself: how much do I care about the appearance of those who I do not consider as potential intimate/sexual partners (or rivals for these partners). Most likely, you have not even thought about the question of whether the person is attractive or not. The same thinking (or not thinking) occurs around and about you. You can be sure that this is so even if you are ugly. Ugliness makes an impression only at the time of the first meeting, then people stop to pay attention to it in the same way that they stop paying attention to usual everyday scenery.
So let's say you have inserted in your head a slide about your unattractive appearance. All that comes from other people - looks, gestures, facial expressions, words - you filter through your slide. What do you see? A friendly smile turns into a grin. Someone's innocent laughter turns into malevolent ridicule of you. Someone quietly whispering turns into them gossiping about you. Someone's quick look is now a look at you askance. Someone grimaced from the pain in their stomach - my God, what did he just think of you! Finally, any compliment will become a mockery. But in others, in their minds there was nothing like this. It's only in your head - your slide.
Your behaviour will be determined by such negative thoughts, and that will make you really unattractive. Your hands will perform unnatural movements, and you will have nowhere to put them. your face will turn into a tense grimace, all clever ideas will all of a sudden disappear somewhere, and the inferiority complex will come into its total domination. As a result, the slide sitting in your imagination will get the actual implementation.
Slides operate in two ways. On the one hand, they distort the perception of the person of his or her place in this world and the attitude to those around him. On the other hand, they distort the perception about the outside world by that person. In particular, people tend to see the properties of his slide in the surrounding people. For example, a person does not like some innate qualities of his character. He seeks to hide them away so that neither himself nor others could see them. But concealing an unattractive slide is impossible, it will sit in the head and do its thing. The person has the illusion that others think and act in about the same way as he does. And if a person does not like certain qualities n him- or herself, they tend to see and notice the very same qualities in others, that is to apply their own projections on other people.
Projection is when a certain dissatisfaction is driven into the subconscious and is instead splashed on others. One does not want to blame themselves for some bad sides, so they are instead inclined to see that same side in another person instead. People are often willing to criticize others for what they themselves do not like about yourself. You are yourself doing the same thing, without realizing it. This, of course, does not mean that if a person is accuses someone of something, that means he necessarily possesses the same flaws. However, it happens very often. Watch yourself. 
The position of the Overseer in the role-playing will allow you to easily determine when someone is trying to apply their own projection on you. If they are in some way trying to unjustly accuse you or ascribe to you a quality that's actually uncharacteristic of you, ask yourself the question, whether they possess the same fault of which they are trying to accuse you. Most likely it will be the case, because if you really do not have that quality, it means that this quality is sitting in the prosecutor's head  which projects this picture on you.
What lies at the heart of the slide, what film does it rest on? Importance. How many times have we returned to it. You are bothered by your appearance only if it is important to you. Slide is in the mind of yours, but others do not have it, if what's important to you does not matter to them. A person's ugliness becomes a familiar backdrop to others because it is not important to them. This is important only to the owner of an unusual appearance. His appearance simply extraordinary, and nothing more. The unusual appearance is turned into ugliness by the slide which is based on importance.
The famous French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as a child broke both legs and was left crippled for life. While growing up, he was very depressed by his ugliness. Over the years, physical imperfection began to show ever more clearly, and from this he suffered even more. Ultimately, the emotional suffering over the imperfections has reached its highest point, and Lautrec had to accept the inevitable. He accepted his ugliness, and continued to live. As soon as he got rid of importance, the slide has ceased to exist, and good luck turned to face Lautrec. He enjoyed great success with women, not to mention the fact that he was able to realize his talent and made it shine. It is by the way, he who was one of the founders of the famous cabaret "Moulin Rouge" in Paris, and the women loved him a lot, as you may realize, not only because of his paintings.
Slides occur when you attach excessive importance to what others think about you. If you do not know for sure what people are thinking about, and at the same time for you it is very important, know that you certainly have a slide concerning this topic. Slide is a product of the imagination, and in this sense it can be regarded as an illusion. But this illusion has an active influence on human life. This is the case when an external intention acts to the detriment of a person, in spite of what the person may want in his mind.. 
Negative slide, usually generates a unity of soul and mind. As you can imagine, an external intention in this case, works flawlessly. It picks up the owner of this negative slide and transports him to the sector where the negativity exists in its full force. The transition occurs not at once, but gradually, and lasts, without stopping, as long as the slide is sitting in one's head. Those little negative brush-strokes,
which, the person sketched on his slide in the beginning due to the importance, occur more rapidly and bloom "in all their glory." A person does not like the fact that he is overweight - he increasingly is getting heavier, it prevents a mole or birthmark - it is increasingly growing, he considers himself inferior - and gets all the new confirmations of this, he is concerned about his unattractive - it becomes even more acute, his tortured by guilt - punishment get strewed upon his head.
This continues for as long as the person does not cease to attach great importance to the slide, or switch to the creation of a positive slide. Once the importance of the slide disappeared, the negative slide loses its foundation, dissolves and ceases to work.
There are people with a very unattractive appearance, but possessing an inexplicable charm. Should they only speak and you immediately forget about their physical shortcomings. Now do you understand why? They dismiss negative slides, and set up positive ones.
Once you insert a positive, colourful slide, and you will see that it works just as smoothly as the negative one did. Show yourself the positive aspects of your own personality, imagine yourself in the best light, and people will perceive you this way as well. This reflects another positive quality of a slide, which can and should be used.

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