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Transurfing. Part 25. Excess Potentials: Perfection

Part 25
Excess Potentials: Perfection
So, let’s finally look at the most ambiguous and paradoxical case of disrupted balance. Everything starts small, but can end up with the heaviest of consequences. Usually, ever since childhood we were taught to do everything thoroughly, carefully, doing our best. As children, we are taught to be re- sponsible but we are also taught what is good and right and what is bad and wrong. Without a doubt, this is the way it should be – otherwise there would be an entire army of slobs and slackers. But all of these notions that were fostered in us since we were chil- dren are so deeply rooted in the hearts of the most zealous pendulum adherents, that they make these notions a part of their persona.
Striving for perfection in everything can be- come an obsession to some people. Their life is a constant struggle. Guess what they are struggling with? The balancing forces, of course. Having the aim for everything every- where to be perfect creates certain complications on the energy level. And this is because the evaluations those people make are displaced and hence, excess potential is created.
There is nothing bad about always trying to do your best in everything. But if you make it overly important, then the balancing forces will be right there. They will simply ruin everything. In addition, this will create a backward loop and you will get more and more obsessed with perfection. You want perfection, but get the opposite, so you’ll desperately try to fix everything, but then everything will get even worse. In the end, striving for perfection turns into a habit, and it could also develop into a mania. The life of a perfectionist would turn into a constant struggle, and this would automatically poison the life of those around him, because a perfectionist is not only demanding of himself, but also of others. This is evident in his intolerance for the habits and tastes of others, which is often the cause of small conflicts that sometimes turn into big ones.
If you were not involved in the situation yourself, you would probably appreciate the whole absurdity of someone trying to be per- fect in everything, terrorizing everyone around him. However, the perfectionist has grown so much into his role that he starts thinking that he is the one without sin, flawless and right in everything he does. In a sense, he is telling the rest of the world “In my striving to be a role model, I am a role model already.” The perfectionist might not even admit to it, because he knows that a sense of one’s own excellence doesn’t sit well with the generally accepted idea of perfec- tion. However, “the feeling of being right about everything” is rooted very deeply in the subconscious of such a perfectionist. At this point, the perfectionist is dangerously close to the temptation of appearing before humanity as the supreme judge, deciding how and what all the other lost souls should be doing. Of course, the perfectionist will easily give in to this temptation. After all, the feeling that he is always right would justify his actions, while his righteous desire to set everybody on the right path would give him enough motivation to embark on his crusade.
From this moment on, “the destiny maker”, having wrapped himself in a mantle, gives himself the right to judge and condemn other people. In reality, such a trial, of course, doesn’t go beyond common preaching and accusation making. However, on the energy level, the most powerful excess potential takes form. “The judge” takes on a mission, deciding how these foolish, useless beings should behave themselves, what they should be thinking, what they should value, what they should believe in and what they should strive for. If some puny creature suddenly decides that he has his own opinion on the subject, then he needs to be put back in his place, and if he shows any resistance – then he has to be put on trial, sentenced and labeled, so that everyone will know who is who.
I’m confident that your portrait, dear Read- er, is very far from the one drawn of the idealist here. This book wouldn’t fall into the hands of a fool, who is convinced that he is always right. He knows already how every- one should live his or her life, so in this re- spect he never doubts. However, if you meet a person like that, have a closer look at this specimen. It may be rather interesting, as be- fore you will be a case of the grossest dis- turbance of balance. We are all guests in this world, everybody is free to choose their own path, but no one has the right to judge oth- ers, to sentence them or to put labels on them (we’ll leave aside criminal law).
That’s the way it is. Everything seemed so innocent in the beginning, a simple strive for perfection, but it ends with someone claim- ing privileges of a master. Therefore, even the resistance of the balancing forces, that earlier manifested themselves in the shape of minor problems, will grow stronger. If the disturber of balance is under the protection of a pendulum, then for the time being, he could get away with his perfectionism. But eventually the time will come to pay the bills. When a guest forgets that he is only a guest, and pretends to be the host, he can be thrown out. 

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