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Transurfing. Part 24. Money

Part 24
Excess Potentials: Money
It’s hard to love money without trying to pos- sess it. Therefore, in this case it’s practically impossible to avoid dependent relationships. We can only try to keep them to a minimum. Be happy if you have money. But don’t ever be killing yourself over not having enough money or over spending it, otherwise you will have less and less of it. If a person doesn’t earn much money, then his typical mistake will be moaning about how there is never enough money. The parameters of such a radiation correspond to financially poor life tracks.
It is especially dangerous to give in to the anxiety that you have less and less money. Fear appears to be one of the most energetic- ally rich emotions. Thus, by experiencing fear of losing money or being afraid of not earning enough, you will be most effectively transferred to a track where there actually will be less and less money for you. If you have fallen into this trap, it’s won’t be easy to get out, but it’s possible. So, in order to es- cape the “money trap” it’s necessary to elim- inate the cause of the excess potential, which you have created yourself. And what causes this excess potential is usually an extreme desire to have money or to be dependent on it.
For starters, accept what you have and be satisfied with it. Remember that it could al- ways be a lot worse. You don’t have to reject the desire to have money. You just have to accept the fact that money is not flowing to you like a river for the moment being. Approach it as a player, who can at any moment become incredibly rich or lose everything he has.
Many pendulums use money as a universal means for paying off their adherents. It is the activity of pendulums that has specifically led to the widespread money fetish. Money helps us to have a good life in the material world. Almost everything can be bought and sold. All pendulums pay with money – no matter which one you pick. But there is a hidden threat here. Having bitten the falsely glittering bait, you could very easily make a turn onto the life tracks that are located far away from your happiness.
Pursuing their own interests, pendulums have created the myth that in order to get anything you need to have means. In this way, the aim of each individual person is re- placed with an artificial substitute – money. The person can get money from different pendulums, thus he is not thinking about his own aim, but about money and thus, he falls under the influence of a pendulum that is alien to him. The man no longer understands what he personally wants from his life, and instead he joins the useless race for money.
It is very profitable for the pendulums when things work this way, but man becomes de- pendent on money and pendulums, and thus loses his way. Working for an alien pendu- lum, he will never get much money because he is serving somebody else’s goal. Many people find themselves in a situation like that. Hence, the myth that wealth is a priv- ilege of the few. But in fact, any person could get rich, as long as he is pursuing his own goal.
Money is not the goal and it is not even a means for reaching the goal. It is only an accompanying attribute. The goal is what a person wants out of life. Here are a few examples. To live in one’s own house and grow roses; to travel around the world, to see faraway places; to catch trout in Alaska; to go skiing in the Alps; to raise horses at one’s own farm; to enjoy life on one’s own island out in the ocean; to become a movie star or an artist.
It’s obvious that certain goals can be achieved only if you have a bag of money. So the majority of people do exactly that – they are trying to get this bag. They think about money, leaving the goal itself in the background. According to the principles of Transurfing, they are trying to get to a life track where the bag of money awaits them.
But, working for somebody else’s pendulum, it’s very hard to get the bag of money or rather, it is impossible. So what happens is that you won’t get any money nor will you reach your own goal. It can never be in any other way, because your thought energy is directed at an artificial replacement and not at your true goal.
If you believe that your goal can only be achieved if you are rich – send that require- ment to hell. Let’s suppose you want to travel around the world. It’s obvious that in order to do that you need a lot of money. To get what you want you need to think about the goal itself and not about money. Money will come by itself, because it is a complementary attribute. It’s that simple. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? However, that is the case and soon you will see that for yourself. Pendulums, pursuing their own benefit, turned everything upside down. It’s not the goal that is achieved with the help of money, but it is money that will come to you on your way to your goal.
You know now how strong the influence of a pendulum can be. This influence gave birth to a whole heap of deceiving facts and myths. And even now, reading these lines, you could object: but it is obvious that first a man has to become a major industrialist, or a banker, or a movie star, and only then can he become a millionaire. Exactly! However, only those people became millionaires, who did not have wealth on their mind, but their goal. Most people act in a completely opposite way: they either serve somebody else’s goal, or they replace their goal with an artificial substitute, or they reject their goal completely because they simply don’t have the money and thus do not fulfill the condition of being wealthy.
In reality, there are no limitations to wealth and riches. You could want absolutely  anything. If it is truly yours, you will get it. If, on the other hand, the goal of having something has been imposed on you by a pendulum, you will get nothing. We’ll look more closely at goals later. (See note below) I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, as otherwise it wouldn’t make sense, because there is practically nothing more I could say about money. Again, I repeat that money is nothing but a complementary attribute on the way to your goal. Don’t worry about the money. It will come to you automatically. The main thing now is to lower the importance of your capital to a minimum, so that no excess potential will be created. Don’t think about the money – think only about what you want to get.
At the same time, you should not ignore money but instead you should treat it care- fully. If you see a minor coin on the street and you are too lazy to pick it up, then you don’t value money at all. The money pendulum will probably not be very predisposed towards you, if you treat its attributes carelessly.
You don’t have to worry when you are spending money. The money is fulfilling its mission when you are buying something. If you have made the decision to spend some money, don’t regret it later. Striving to save up a tidy sum of money and spend as little as possible will only produce a strong potential: the money is accumulating in one place and doesn’t go anywhere. In that case, it’s very likely that you will lose everything. Money should be spent sensibly, so that there is some movement in the energy field. In a place where there is no movement, a poten- tial will appear. It is not a coincidence that wealthy people get involved in the work of charitable organizations. That is how they go about reducing the excess potential from their accumulated wealth. 

For more information on goals, see chapter IV in the second book in the Transurfing series “The Rustling of the Morning Stars”. 

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