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Transurfing. Part 14. The Transmission

Part 14
The Transmission
Instead of accepting a game with destructive pendulums, look for pendulums where the game will be of use to you. This means ac- quiring a habit of paying attention to everything that is good and positive. As soon as you see, read or hear something good, pleasant, or reassuring – attach this to your thoughts and feel happy. Imagine that you are walking in a forest: there are pretty flowers, but there are also poisonous thorns. Which do you choose? If you picked some elderberry flowers, brought them home and put them in a vase, you’ll soon have a head- ache. Why would you ever need that? It’s just as harmful reacting to destructive pendulums. It would be better to pick some jasmine blossoms, enjoy them and take in their pleasant aroma. Bring everything positive in- to your life, and soon you’ll have more and more good news and nice opportunities.
So you’ve been inspired and felt joy, but then everyday life dragged you down once again. The holidays are over and working days are approaching. How to keep the festive feeling? First, remember it. Out of habit, we plunge into colorless everyday life, forgetting about the nice things in life and so it stops bringing us pleasure. This is a bad habit. Pendulums make us forget.
We need to maintain the little flame of celeb- ration in us and we have to cherish that feel- ing. Simply observe how life changes for the better, grasp for the tiniest straw of joy, look for good signs everywhere and in everything. This is, at least, not a boring thing to do. You need to remember that every minute that you spend with Transurfing, you are consciously moving closer towards your dream, and that means you are controlling your own destiny. This notion alone will instill you with calm, confidence and joy, and thus you’ll always be on holiday. Once the feeling of being on holiday has become a habit, then you will always find yourself on top of the wave of success.
Be happy with everything you have in the present moment. I am not simply asking you to be happy by definition. Sometimes cir- cumstances are such that it’s very difficult to be satisfied with life. But from an entirely practical point of view, expressing your dis- satisfaction with something is a pretty un- constructive thing to do. After all, wouldn’t you really want to be on the life tracks where everything is working out perfectly for you? How will you ever get there if your radiation is full of discontent? The frequency of such radiation corresponds exactly to the life tracks that are bad for you, so the situation will be quite the opposite of what you really wanted. The good tracks are characterized by the fact that when you are on them you feel good and your thoughts are filled with joy
and satisfaction.
Good news is not too exciting and is soon forgotten. Bad news, on the other hand, stirs up quite a response because it informs about a potential threat. Don’t let bad news into your heart and hence, into your life as well. Shut yourself off to bad news and open your- self to good news. Any positive change should be recognized and carefully cher- ished. These are the forerunners of the wave of success. As soon as you hear even the smallest piece of encouraging news, don’t forget about it immediately, as you used to do, but do the exact opposite - savour it, talk about it, pursue it. Think over this piece of news from all possible angles, take joy in it, build hypotheses on it and expect a positive development. In this way, you will be think- ing on the frequency of the wave of success, tuning into its parameters. As a result, there will be more and more good news and life will get better. This is not mysticism and this is not a quality of the human psyche to filter information in different ways, like when a pessimist looks at the world through dark glasses, while an optimist looks at the world through rose-coloured glasses. This is reality: you are moving to the life track that corresponds to the parameters of your thoughts.
Being on good terms with yourself and the surrounding world, you are transmitting harmonious emanations to the surrounding world. You are creating around yourself an area of harmonious vibrations where everything is turning out successfully. A positive attitude always leads to success and creation.
Negativism, on the other hand, is always de- structive and is always aimed at devastation. For example, there’s a category of people who are looking for problems but not for their solutions. They are always ready to dis- cuss difficulties in a lively manner and find all kinds of new problems. Such people usu- ally have trouble actually suggesting a real way out, because from the very beginning they are tuned not to the solution itself, but to the search for more difficulties. Their fixa- tion on the hunt for problems brings these in abundance, but the situation remains un- solved. The readiness to look for and criticize the bad sides of things always brings the cor- responding fruits: a great deal of harm but no benefit. Look around and you’ll definitely find people like that. They’re not especially good people or especially bad people. They  are simply sitting firmly on the hook of destructive pendulums.
Most people treat any unwanted event in their lives with hostility. Usually, an un- wanted event to us is an event that is not part of our own original script. And the op- posite is also true - we only believe something to be successful if it corresponds to our expectations. Let’s say that a man misses his plane and is very upset about this. Little does he know that the plane is going to crash. But it can also be the other way around, when a man misses out on a fantast- ic opportunity just because it was not part of his plan or it was simply inconceivable.
The worse a person thinks about the sur- rounding world, the worse this world gets, at least for this person. The more he gets upset over his lack of success, the more failures will come his way. “As a man sows, so shall he reap.” If a person chooses to live his life with a pessimistic view on things, then every day he’ll be practicing Transurfing in reverse: he is sliding along the life track, where real hell is waiting for him. Assume the position that is the exact opposite: rejoice in your misfortunes just out of spite, try to find something useful in your problems – this is always possible. A glass is not half-empty, it is half-full. There is a trivial saying, “It’s all for the best” and it works like a charm, if that is what you really believe. You have to be stubborn in maintaining your positive attitude, refusing old habits of always getting upset and depressed for any reason.
Every misfortune is, at the very least, a good lesson that makes you stronger and more ex- perienced. Take joy in everything good that is happening in your world, and it will turn into pure paradise. Of course, this is a very unusual way of behaving. But your goal is also very unusual – to become a genie that grants his wishes. How can you achieve this, using ordinary methods?
Reacting positively is a difficult thing to do at first, because the old habit of reacting negat- ively to the undesired is strongly rooted in us. The main thing is to learn to remember that whenever an unfortunate event hap- pens, it is a pendulum trying to hook you. As soon as you remember that you are able to make a conscious choice: to give away your energy to the pendulum, having splashed out all of your negative emotions, or leave it emptyhanded and thereby gain a victory.
If you did remember, the fall through or extinguishing the pendulum will already be easy. We always unconsciously give away our energies to the pendulum. As was already mentioned, pendulums pull us by the strings of our feelings, and our habits form the lever that sets in motion the thought capture mechanism. Even after having read these lines and having set the goal to remember the foul game of the pendulum, you will again react negatively to the unwanted. Then, of course, you will realize that in that moment you simply forgot about it and were acting unconsciously, out of habit. Nonetheless, as soon as you have remembered in time, the situation will be entirely under your control. You’ll smirk to yourself: “Ah, it’s you, pendulum? Well, it won’t be that easy for you to hook me up this time.” You’re no longer a puppet on a string. You are free to make the conscious decision of either accepting or rejecting the pendulum.
If you use this method with a high level of persistence and determination, eventually the new habit will replace the old. But mean- while, pendulums will try to get to you in every possible way. You’ll notice how, as if on purpose, a whole lot of annoying little nuis- ances will start popping up in your life. Don’t despair, because the problems will mostly be of a petty kind. If you won’t give up and if you will learn to remember, your victory will
be very impressive, you’ll see.
And this is what could happen: next time you encounter the wave of success, a pendulum won’t be able to carry you away from it. Hence, the bird of happiness will stay in your hands. And in order to lure it in, you must give off positive energy all around you. That is, you should not only be an exclusively positive receiver, but a positive transmitter as well. As a result, the world around you will be changing very quickly for the better. You will be able to glide easily onto more and more successful life tracks. In the end, the wave of success will come to you, sweeping you along with it and bringing you directly to success. But don’t be thinking that Transurfing is only limited to gliding on the wave of success. These are only the first steps. Many more extraordinary discoveries are waiting ahead. 

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