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Transurfing. Part 15. Magic Rituals

Part 15
True Meaning of Magic Rituals
In conclusion of this chapter, let’s look at one particular example where the method of tun- ing into the frequency of the wave of success is used. In various situations, people some- times unknowingly try to tune into the wave’s frequency. For example, in the begin- ning of the day, sellers are prepared to give the first customer a significant discount. They intuitively feel that the first customer is very important – it’s necessary to get things going, to initiate the trade and once the first sale has been made this can be achieved. In the language of Transurfing, it means tuning into the frequency of a track for successful trading. It would be difficult to simply focus one’s thoughts on the frequency. But the first customer gives real hope and faith, and the tuning thus happens on its own. The seller gets on the wave of successful trading and emanates thought energy with corresponding parameters. He himself believes that his goods will sell out quickly and he needs only mention this to a customer, who then immediately gets “caught” by this radiation and obediently makes the pur- chase, convinced that he got really lucky today.
Let’s take one more example. Market sellers often perform a peculiar magic ritual – they touch their merchandise with money. Of course, this action on its own is absolutely deprived of power, therefore there is no real magic taking place. However, if the seller be- lieves in the power of the ritual, his belief alone will help him tune into the frequency of successful trading. The actual tuning oc- curs on a subconscious level. The seller’s mind is only aware of what is happening on the outside: the ritual works but for some unknown reason. And it actually does work, not by itself, but as stage props. The main part is played by the actor’s thought energy. 
Almost every profession has a similar “magic” ritual for different situations. People believe in these rituals and use them success- fully, in order to tune into the frequency of successful life tracks and to get on top of the wave of success. Actually, it’s not important what people believe in – in the magic quality of the ritual or in the tuning process. As you know, the only important thing is the practical result.

Summary of Parts 12-15
The wave of success is an accumulation of favorable tracks in the space of variations.
The flow of fortunate events follows only if you have been inspired by the first success.
Destructive pendulums take you away from the wave of success.
Having freed yourself from the pendulums, you get the freedom of choice.
Receiving and transmitting negative en- ergy, you create your own hell.
Receiving and transmitting positive energy, you create your own heaven.
Your thoughts always return to you like a boomerang.
Pendulums won’t throw you off the wave, if you have the habit of remembering.
The habit of remembering is formed through a systematic practice. 

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