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Transurfing. Part 13. The Boomerang.

Part 13. 
The Boomerang
Most people have thoughts constantly run- ning around in their head. If the thinking process is not controlled then negative thoughts and worries will prevail. The things we are most worried about are things that we fear; things that we find irritating or upset- ting and things that make us feel depressed or dissatisfied. This is how destructive pen- dulums have been influencing the shape of the human psyche over thousands of years.
These pendulums maintain fear in man, in order to successfully manipulate him. This is exactly why people are vaguely aware of what they want, while they know exactly what they do not want.
Allowing the negative “thought-mixer” to take over (that is when you are mulling over everything that is bad, complaining and hav- ing generally pessimistic thoughts) means to join the game of a destructive pendulum, and to radiate energy at its frequency. This is a rather unfavorable habit. It would really be- nefit you to replace it with another habit – having conscious control over your thoughts. Whenever your mind is not occupied with anything in particular – for example, when you are on a train or a bus, or when you are out taking a walk, or doing something that doesn’t require special concentration or at- tention – put positive thoughts in your head. Don’t think about what you were not able to get – think about what you want to get, and you will get it.
Suppose that you don’t like the house you live in. You are telling yourself: “I’m fed up with this place. Everything about this place irritates me. But once I move to a new home, then I’ll be happy. Meanwhile, I just can’t help myself....oh, how I hate this place!” Keep in mind that with thoughts like that it’s impossible to get what you want. Even if you are about to move to a new and better place, your new house will bring you many disappointments.
Fair enough, you’ll say, but I’m leaving this dump and moving to a luxurious villa! What disappointments could be waiting for me there? You don’t have to worry about that. The more despise you feel towards the little house that has given you shelter these many years, the more unpleasant surprises will await you in your new quarters. And these unpleasant surprises will be of the most varied kind. The taps won’t work, the paint will start to peel, walls will start caving in, the neighbours will annoy you – in short, all those things will happen that need to happen in order to maintain the parameters of your negative radiation. Whether it’s the new house or the old one – what difference does it make? There will always be life tracks with all possible conveniences where you will be just as dissatisfied as before. The space of variations has many luxurious houses where you will nonetheless feel like you are in hell.
And if you don’t have anywhere to move to yet, then you will remain in this hated situ- ation for sure. After all, you’re not tuned to the frequency of the life track where the house of your dreams awaits you. At the mo- ment, you’re thinking about what you don’t like, so you’re giving off negative energy and this energy fits perfectly with the life track you are at now. Therefore, you’re stuck there until the frequency of your radiations
changes. And this is not too difficult to do.
First of all, accept your present situation as it is and get rid of your dissatisfaction and re- sentment. You can always find something good in everything and in any situation. Even the smallest things in life can be a source of joy. So, you don’t like the house you’re living in, but you can at least be grate- ful to it. After all, it has sheltered you. It is rainy and windy outside, and the house is the one to endure that, while keeping you safe and warm. Doesn’t this deserve some kind of recognition? If you are grateful for what you have now, if you experience love towards all those things surrounding you, things that make your life easier, then you will be giving off positive energy. Then, if you want to, you could count on an improvement of your liv- ing conditions. And when you are moving away, be sure to thank everything that sur- rounded you before in your old house. Even things that you throw away deserve your gratitude. In these moments, you are transmitting positive vibrations to the surround- ing world, and these vibrations will definitely come back to you.
Second of all, start thinking about the house that you would like to have. This is more dif- ficult to do than to get irritated with things around you. But then, it’s also more useful. What is a better thing to do? To react as usu- al, like an oyster to external irritants, or to make a little effort and change your habits? Look at real estate advertisements that fea- ture photographs and prospects of potential future homes, visit interior design stores and look for furniture that you would like to have in your house. In other words, let all your thoughts be preoccupied with what you wish to have. We always possess things and en- counter situations that have a powerful grip on our thoughts. Our thoughts always re- turn to us like a boomerang.
There are so many examples that could illustrate how a negative attitude can ruin one’s life. Let’s say you are planning a vacation in a warm country. But where you live now, the weather is absolutely terrible. You’re walking the streets, the cold wind is making you shiver and the rain is soaking your clothes. It is, of course, hard to be overly joyous in such weather. So, at least try to be neutral, ignoring this destructive pendulum. If you are actively expressing your dissatisfaction with the weather, then you are accepting the pendulum and you are making it swing higher.
You are telling yourself: “Well, soon I’ll be going to a warm country and I’ll be so happy in the sun and in the warm sea. But as for now, damn this swamp!” Thus, with such an attitude you’re not tuned to the life track where heavenly relaxation is waiting for you. You won’t get there. You already have your plane ticket, you say? Well, so what? You’ll only get to your destination, but either bad weather or some other misfortune will be waiting for you there. However, everything will be great if you only get tuned into a positive frequency.
It’s obviously not enough to prevent negative energy from getting to you. You yourself need to avoid radiating such energy. For ex- ample, you were very annoyed and you yelled at someone. You can be sure that as a result some sort of problem will follow. In the present situation, the parameters of your ra- diation match the life track where you are annoyed. So, that’s exactly where you will be “transported”. On these tracks, the density of unpleasant situations is higher than average. Don’t try to calm yourself with the justifica- tion that this unpleasant situation was actu- ally unavoidable. I don’t need to try to con- vince you or to prove anything to you. Just watch how new unfortunate events seem to follow any negative reaction that you have.
The conclusion from all of this is very simple and clear: you will always find yourself on the life tracks that correspond to your energy radiation. If you let negative energy in, un- pleasant things will happen in your life. If you radiate negative energy, it will return to you like a boomerang, only this time as problems. 

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