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Transurfing. Part 27. Excess Potentials: From Struggle to Balance

Part 27.
From Struggle to Balance
Is there any way of resisting the balancing forces? That’s exactly what we are doing every day. Our entire life is a struggle with balancing forces. All difficulties, nuisances and problems are connected to the actions of the balancing forces. In any case, trying to resist the balancing forces is meaningless, as they will continue doing their thing no mat- ter what. Efforts aimed at removing con- sequences won’t do any good. On the con- trary, the situation will only get worse. The only remedy against the balancing forces is to eliminate the reason for their actions – namely, reducing the excess potential of im- portance. Life situations are so different from one another that it’s impossible to give a universal solution to all problems. At this point, I can only give some general recommendations. The only thing everyone is busy doing is building a wall on the foundation of his importance, and then trying to climb over it or get through it by beating his head against the wall. Instead of overcoming obstacles, wouldn’t it be better to take a brick out of the foundation, collapsing the wall? All of us can clearly see the obstacles on our way. But to see what foundation they are all built upon is often not easy at all. If you’ve encountered a problematic situation, try to determine where you’ve gone too far, what you became attached to and to what you attributed excessive significance. Identify any excessive importance, and then reject it. The wall will come crashing down, the obstacle will be eliminated and the problem will be solved without your help. Don’t overcome obstacles -- start reducing importance instead.
Reducing importance doesn’t mean fighting your feelings and trying to suppress them. Excessive emotions and feelings are the  consequences of importance. You should eliminate the cause, which is your attitude to a certain event or object. I could advise you to take as philosophical an approach to life as possible, although this appeal is probably already worn out. It’s necessary to realize that importance won’t bring you anything but trouble. And once you’ve done that, intentionally reduce any importance.
Reducing outer importance doesn’t have anything to do with negligence or underes- timation. On the contrary, neglect is import- ance with a minus sign. You need to have a simpler attitude towards life. Don’t be care- less, but don’t be exaggerating either. Don’t think so much about whether people are good or bad. Accept the world in its everyday form.
Reducing inner importance doesn’t have anything to do with resignation or self-humi- liation. To repent one’s mistakes and sins is the same as showing off one’s virtues and accomplishments. The difference between the two is only the sign – plus or minus. Your re- morse is only useful to the pendulums that want to establish control over you. Accept yourself as you are. Allow yourself the luxury of being you. Do not exalt and do not belittle your virtues and flaws. Strive toward inner peace – you are not important nor are you
If your situation very strongly depends on some kind of event, find an alternative solu- tion. In order to stay calm when you are walking on the log, you have to find insur- ance. In each individual case, the insurance will be something different. Simply ask your- self the question, what could serve as insur- ance in the present situation. Remember, it is useless to struggle with balancing forces. You can’t suppress fear or excitement. You can only reduce the importance. And this can only be done if you have insurance or a plan B. Never put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how safe the basket looks!
The only thing that doesn’t create any excess potential is a sense of humor, being able to laugh at yourself and at others, without of- fending either you or them. This thing alone is enough to prevent you from turning into a dummy without feelings. Humor is the same as denying importance, in other words, it is a caricature of importance.
It is necessary to follow one golden rule, when you are solving problems. Before you actually start solving problems, you would need to reduce their importance. Then the balancing forces will not bother you and the problem can be solved quickly and easily.
In order to reduce importance, it’s necessary to first remember and realize that the prob- lem is present as a consequence of excessive importance. Until you explain to yourself, as in a dream, that every single problem is created because of excessive importance, and will continue burying yourself in this problem, you will be completely in the grip of the pendulum. Stop, shake off the delusions and recall what it means to attribute excessive importance. Then intentionally change your attitude to the object in question. That will not be a difficult thing to do. You already know that excessive significance is only in your way. The main difficulty is to remember in time that you are wallowing in inner and outer importance. To help you remember, you will need to activate your Overseer, your inner observer that will always keep track of all of your inner values.
A man’s thoughts are captured by import- ance in exactly the same way as muscles in- voluntarily get strained. For example, when something is bothering you, the muscles of your back and shoulders are in a tight spasm. You don’t notice this tension until you start feeling the pain that is associated with it. But if you would have remembered in time and paid attention to your muscles, you could have released this tension.
Catch yourself at attributing excess import- ance each time you are getting ready for some event. If whatever it is you are about to do is really important to you, don’t blow it up even further. The best recipe for success is – spontaneity, improvisation and a light atti- tude. If you are preparing for something then do it only as insurance. You should definitely not be “preparing seriously and carefully” – this will only boost the importance. If you are worrying about something without actu- ally doing anything about it, then you are further boosting importance. The potential of importance evaporates with action. Don’t think.....act! If you can’t act, then don’t think. Direct your attention to something else and let go of the situation.
You’ll be most effective in everything you do if you take the focus of attention off yourself as the person executing the action and off the end goal, and move this focus onto the pro- cess of performing the action. In this case “I am not doing important work” and “the work is not important”. Thus, the excess potential is eliminated and the balancing forces will not interfere. The action is completed without any zeal, but in no way carelessly or light-heartedly. You might be having doubts: why do I need to take the focus of attention off the end goal? How can you do any work, if you are not thinking about the end goal? You will understand the meaning of this not very obvious fact more clearly, having read the upcoming parts of this teaching (see note below).
Why does it sometimes happen that you are very worried about an event, you fear it, you constantly think about it and imagine all kinds of difficulties and problems that could happen because of that event, but in the end, everything still turns out okay? And then we have the opposite situation, sometimes you don’t care much about a future event, but as a result you get unforeseen trouble. In the first case, your evaluation of the event went off scale in a negative direction, while in the second – it went off scale in a positive direction. What you receive in the end is the accumulated action of the balancing forces. The forces have to balance the artificial excess potential that you have created and that is what they do.
Thus, it’s possible to assume that if I inten- tionally picture the worst possible scenario of what might happen before an exam, then I am most likely to get the highest grade. It doesn’t work that way, because your inten- tion to “assume” the worst is artificial. Such intention is a product of the mind and not the soul. You can try fooling yourself. Non- etheless, it will only be a sham, as it won’t have any energy basis. Only the intention coming from your soul can have an energy basis. This is exactly why you can’t achieve the desired result by simply visualizing it. 
But this is a topic of a later discussion.
Never ever, under any circumstances, boast with what you have, even if you’ve earned it fair and square. And you definitely should not brag about what you haven’t achieved yet. This is extremely unprofitable, because in this case the balancing forces will always act against you.
Make yourself at home, but don’t forget that you are a guest (see note below). If you are in harmony with the surrounding pendulums, that is, you are swinging with them in unison, then your life will pass with ease and pleasure. You are now in a kind of resonance with the world - you get energy from it and achieve your goal without further effort. If you’ve got yourself in a situation where it’s practically impossible to live in balance with the world around you (for example, your husband is beating you), then you ought to think about how to take that crucial step and change your surroundings to something different. Maybe you feel that you have nowhere to go? If so, you’ve got that idea from a pendulum that is trying to entrance you, so it can continue to keep you under its control, sucking your energy. There is always a way out, and not only one. Remember the fly on the glass that didn’t see the open win- dow? Just avoid any abrupt actions that have not been carefully thought through. The perfect solution will come to you, as soon as you reduce excessive importance and free your- self from the influence of the destructive pendulum that is bothering you. You are now familiar with the ways of freeing yourself from a pendulum – make it fall through or
extinguish it.
On that note, I am concluding the large and complicated topic of balance. Now that you understand the mechanism behind the actions of the balancing forces, you can easily determine the reason behind any problem or failure. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s necessary to observe the principle of balance in everything you do. Now I have to warn you of following this principle all too vigorously. If you become attached to it or try to pursue it fanatically, then by doing so you will disturb this very principle. If we ex- plain to a centipede, in every detail how it should walk, it will end up so confused that it won’t be able to move at all. Everything in moderation; allow yourself to disturb the balance sometimes. Nothing awful will hap- pen. The main thing is to keep the arrow of
importance from going off the scale.

Summary Parts 16-27
An excess potential is created only if signi- ficance is attributed to an evaluation.
Only importance that is specifically yours will provide your evaluation with your energy.
The magnitude of a potential will grow if an evaluation is distorting reality.
The action of balancing forces is directed at eliminating excess potential.
The action of balancing forces is often the opposite of the intention that created the potential.
When giving yourself out for rent, activate your inner Overseer to look after you, so that you do everything impeccably.
Discontent and condemnation will always turn the balancing forces against you.
It is necessary to replace the habitual negat- ive reactions with a positive transmission.
Unconditional love is admiration without the right to possess or worship.
Setting terms and comparison produces de- pendent relationships.
Dependent relationships create excess potential.
Idealization and overestimation always end in debunking the myth.
In order for your love to be reciprocated, it’s necessary to abandon the right of possession.
One will definitely have to pay for contempt and vanity.
Free yourself from the need to confirm your superiority.
Striving to hide one’s flaws creates the op- posite effect.
Any inferiority is compensated for by your virtues.
The higher the importance of the goal, the less likely it is that you will reach it.
Desires that are free from the potentials of importance and potentials of dependence will be fulfilled.
Say no to any feeling of guilt and to the need to justify yourself.
In order refuse the feeling of guilt, it is enough to allow yourself to be you.
No one has the right to judge you. You have the right to be yourself.
Money comes on its own, as an accompany- ing attribute on the way to your goal.
Greet money with love and attention, and part with it without regret or worry.
Having said no to inner and outer import- ance, you get the freedom of choice.
Importance is the only obstacle on the path to fulfilling your desire.
Do not overcome obstacles – reduce their importance.
Care without worrying.

It is a popular Russian saying 

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