Friday, 29 April 2016

Most Beautiful Horse in the World

World's Most Beautiful Horse!
While horseback riding isn't my strongest side, I have always viewed horses as being among the most beautiful animals in the world. To those who share this view with me I want to show the world's most beautiful horse. 
It is  Golden Akhal Teke, 
The horse of Turkmenistan. It is the official national symbol of the state.
The horse has an extremely sophisticated lean, and delicate built with long beautiful legs, and its amazing coat is literally of sparkling gold! 
Have a look at this world's wonder!

Another Colour Variation of the Akhal-Teke:


  1. I have visited the Turkmenistan near the boarder with Iran and I have seen the horses their and they are bigger and taller & of course much stronger than can imagine. I love the horses and soon or later going to have my own farm.

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