Saturday, 30 April 2016

How to Tell if 2016 will Be a Lucky Year for You

Will 2016 Be a Lucky Year for You?

You can determine if 2016 is going to be a particularly lucky year for you using numerology! It is very simple!
Numerology only uses 1-digit numbers (except 11 and 22 which are “master numbers”, but that doesn’t apply in this situation)
So to reduce 2016 to a one digit number you simply add all its digits 2+0+1+6=9.
So 2016 is actually a 9!
Now what is your Zodiac sign?
Here’s a list of Zodiac signs and their lucky numbers:

Aries – 9

Taurus – 6

Gemini – 5

Cancer – 7

Leo – 4

Virgo – 5

Libra – 6

Scorpio – 9

Sagittarius – 3

Capricorn – 4

Aquarius – 4

Pisces – 7

So this year the Aries and the Scorpios are going to dominate the world this year!
But the rest of the signs should not get disappointed! Just because this is not your master year, does not mean it will be unlucky for you. It will most likely be a nice time, full of beautiful, pleasant moments, it probably just won’t bring those magnificent events that will determine and direct your whole life path. 
Besides, every sign has already had their lucky years, and there are many more of them to come!
By the way, speaking of the lucky numbers in general, every number whose digits add up to your signs lucky number is your lucky number as well! For instance, let’s take a complicated big number like 623786
623786 => 6+2+3+7+8+6=> 32=> 3+2=> 5
Therefore, 623786 is a lucky number for the Gemini!
So now whenever you need to pick a random number, be it in a lottery or at a casino, you will always know which numbers to pick!

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