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The Magic Power of a Mirror

The Magic Power of a Mirror

An old lady just died in her home, where she lived with her child and his family. After the old lady died, one of the mirrors that was in her home remained uncovered by fabric. The family members did not take this fact too seriously, as the mirror was small and located in the far corner of the house. The old lady was buried, but ever since the house never felt safe and quiet again. There were footsteps, moans, and someone’s breath and whisper always audible around the house, the household items seemed to change their places of their own accord; objects fell in the rooms no one was in. This happened every night. After the family members got exhausted from the constant tension and fear, they called the specialists. The answer was soon found. After her death, the old lady’s spirit was in the house, saying farewell to her relatives and her home before departing into a different world. Suddenly, as it was roaming the rooms, her spirit saw its reflection in the small mirror in the far corner of the house that the family members forgot to cover with fabric. The old lady got terrified of the reflection that she saw, as it now did not look anything like her old self; it was a new, unknown and terrifying sight...

 This resulted in her failing to stay at peace with the world which she was leaving. And so she became trapped halfway, not in the physical world and not in heaven. She was now roaming about, regularly showing up at the place that prevented her departure to a better world, annoyed and angry.

Mirror is by far the most mysterious and powerful of the household items. The reason for this is its dual nature. One part of it exists in the real, material world, and the other part deals with the incorporeal world of reflection. It is the boundary between the material and the supernatural worlds.    
Mirrors have a proven ability to absorb, conserve and reflect the energy, emotions and feelings that they have witnessed. Since the earliest days of their invention, people were always careful and even wary of mirrors. That is why a mirror is linked with so many rituals and traditions. For example, for a long time, in many cultures it was considered a sin to have a mirror in the home. It may be surprising, but the modern day scientists do not think of many of these traditions as being just silly outdated prejudices, and instead regard them with consideration. They now find scientific explanations for some of these rituals. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind regarding this seemingly ordinary object in your home:
  • - The conclusion from the story you saw at the beginning is that the mirrors always have to be draped by thick fabric when someone in your home dies. Not only will the uncovered mirror confuse and trap the soul of the dead person in the mirror labyrinth, preventing it from finding its way to the next world, but by carelessly forgetting to cover mirrors and preventing the soul of the dead person from going where it needs to go, you are unknowingly committing a deadly sin, which you may end up paying with your life for as Karma catches up with you.
  • -After you have unpleasant visitors in your home, wipe the mirror with cold water. It is very easy for anyone to leave their negative program in a mirror; all they have to do is look in it. This is also the reason for the second warning
  • -Be very careful, with old, antique mirrors, or any mirrors which are not new and whose history you do not know. Mirrors absorb both the positive and the negative easier than any other surface, so the mirror in you home which witnessed lots of arguments and fights or something worse in its past will not give you rest and happiness in your home. If the mirror witnessed someone’s death, that makes things that much worse—perpetual, unpleasant, unknown people and creatures will break into your dreams. This is the entity of the dead person who, instead of exiting into a different world of the dead has lost its way in the mirror and is now trapped in it, angry and restless. You will experience weird desires and inexplicable fears.
  • -For the reasons described in the previous point, accepting a mirror as a present is not a good idea.
  • There is a way to check the aura of your mirror though:
  • In order to do this you have to place a burning candle very close to its surface. If the candle burns an even, steady flame, the mirror has a positive or neutral aura, if, however, the candle flame starts to quiver or dies out, that means the mirror is full of negativity and you have to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Never place a mirror so that it reflects your bed and you sleeping. This will give you restless sleep and nightmares. When we are asleep our protection against the negative energy and supernatural entities is significantly weaker and as a mirror is a gateway between the natural and the supernatural, as well as a reflector of energy, you do not want this gateway facing you at night.
  • When you are about to leave your home look in the mirror and, in your mind, ask the mirror twin facing you to protect your home while you are away. If you forgot something and must return, don’t forget to glance in the mirror again, as by returning you break the protection you’ve created and need to re-store it. That is why it is a bad sign to have to return back home for something when you have just left, but glancing at the mirror twin again will minimize the bad effect.
  • Do not spend too much time daily looking in the mirror. Especially try to avoid looking into the eyes of your reflection. This will physically deprive you of energy,  and make you lose memory and this process starts after about 3 minutes of looking in the mirror.

There is even a suggestion that women age faster than men because they never pass a mirror without having a peak into it, be it a mirror surface of the shop display or a home mirror.
  • -Do not anger your mirror twin by saying bad things about them. Do not complain that they look awful today or that they are too fat or ugly. Try your best to only look in the mirror when you are in a good mood and to be positive about what you see in it, otherwise your mirror will be soaked with negativity which it will reflect back into your home like harmful radiation.
  • -The mirror should always reflect your body with your head. Avoid having mirrors too low so that only your body without your head is reflected.
  • -It is also very dangerous to have the mirror reflect the moon at night, especially the full moon.
  • -One of the worst things you can do is break the mirror. This inevitably brings bad luck. The nature of the bad luck often relates to the circumstances under which the mirror was broken. For instance, if you break it during an argument with someone, the arguments and fights will follow you, and may lead to break-up or divorce.
  • Never look into the broken mirror, and immediately dispose of it. The reason is that the pieces of broken mirror now reflects back your energy, but in a distorted and highly concentrated way. The energy that has been accumulating each day as you looked into your mirror is now cutting into you like a sharp knife.
  • The best thing you can do after you break a mirror is dip the broom with which you are going to clean up the pieces in cold water and, saying any prayer that you know, sweep it and take it out of your home immediately.
  • Two mirrors facing each other create a tunnel to eternity, alternative plane and the entities that inhabit it.
  • Never have to mirrors in your home facing each other! As was mentioned earlier two mirrors facing each other create the tunnel to eternity, through which all kinds of entities and energies can come from the different plane of existence into your home. The tunnel that you see when two mirrors facing each other is not an optical illusion but an alternative form of time and space.

However, if you are very careful, you can use this tunnel to answer your question! You do so in the dark except for the two candles, another necessary condition is to be alone in your home and in the quiet.
You will need two mirrors, one about 1/3 or ½ larger than the other. Place the two mirrors so that the larger one reflects the smaller one fully.
Place the two candles on both sides of the larger mirror. Now look into the resulting dark alley and concentrate on your question. Try to gaze as far into the alley as you can. Do not get scared, lose concentration and stop your ritual halfway. In this case the room will be left filled with entities from the tunnel which it will be very hard to rid it of.
Now ask the question addressing the depth of the alley. As you get concentrated enough on the question a silhouette will appear. Take note of it in detail. It may give you a sign or even mouth the answer, or show you an object. Very rarely will it make sound, but the message will be clear from the signs that it will be making, or the answer may sound in your head. Do not stop looking at the entity until it disappears!

Now, with this knowledge, have a different look at your mirror. It may be hiding something from you or affecting your life in ways you never thought possible!

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