Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My trip to Russia. Part I. Arrival

I decided to divide the whole story into 5 parts 
Pt. 1 Arrival
Pt 2. My Town
Pt 3. Kotelnich
Pt.4 Tagil
Pt 5. Ekaterinburg

Part 1

There was 3 flights. First from Ottawa Airport I flew to Toronto, Pearson import.
Then, from Toronto I flew to Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport,
Then, from there the last flight was to Ekaterinburg, Koltsovo Airport

At the Ottawa Airport--

At the Toronto Airport I bought myself a little toy Westget Airplane, it makes take-off and landing sounds too :)

Flying from Toronto to Moscow, Aeroflot Rus. Airlines >

Flying over the snow-capped mountains and fjords of Norway now>


Landing. Over the suburbs of Moscow>

Sheremetyevo Airport. Moscow

Now there's Ekaterinburg (The Ural Mountains) landscape >

Driving to my town. The Ural Mountains...

My Town is a very special one. You need to have a special passport to get in there. You can only get this passport if you have property or are a close relative (or spouse) of someone who does on its territory. There is only a handful of such towns in Russia. I meet both conditions; I took a photo of the back of my passport.

Passing by probably the biggest house in my town...

it is huge...

 Coming closer..

and closer...


To be continued... :)

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  1. Glad you made it back safe. I really want to visit Russia someday. It looks so beautiful there. I've only been to western Europe so far. Also I love the photos you took from the plain..