Thursday, 17 July 2014

Last Day Before the Trip

Last Day Before My Long Trip
Today is my last day in Canada before my long trip to Russia this summer! 
I am leaving early in the morning tomorrow. -And will be back at the end of August.
I still have to finish packing, but my trunk already barely fits all the fancy dresses and tops that I am taking with me :) 
*By the way, I was very wrong when I thought that these few weeks before the trip would be somewhat boring, and I would not have much to do, in fact I almost feel sorry about leaving, though of course I am looking forward to this at the same time! 

 I want to share the photos of the gifts that I 'm bringing for my three best friends there.
So far, I've always brought with me various Canadian souvenirs, but this time I decided to differ, so I am bringing something more "neutral" but equally lovely and beautiful I hope! :)
Unfortunately, the quality of my photos today is very far from perfect; I had to take these pictures with my laptop camera, as every other device that I had that could take photos (and better ones too)  just refused to work today!

Speaking about "picture-taking devices" by the way... hopefully, if I have time today, I am also buying myself a new cool red Nikon camera. 
Have a look at that too (I have to say though, in real life it looks much shinier and more impressive than on this picture of it.

< Here are the three gifts!

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