Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Trip to Russia Part 2. Ozersk.1/3Lake Irtyash

My Trip to Russia Part II. Ozersk 
My Town - Ozёrsk 
Lake Irtyash
Ozёrsk is situated right next to Ekaterinburg, one of the biggest cities in Russia. By "right next to" I mean 2-hours-by-car-away; for Russia, this is considered to be a very-very small distance.
As I said, my town is rather different from most other towns in Russia.
Most other small towns in Russia look much like villages with some concrete and brick buildings and a lot of wooden houses.
In my town there are no wooden houses. 
The town is very beautiful. It is surrounded on all sides by lakes and mountains with pine forests and birch groves ("Ozersk" in Russian means something close to "The Lake Town"). For that reason too, it has very healthy and clean air.
It is also a safe town because it is closed and only those who live there can enter and leave it.

Here is, in my opinion, the most beautiful spot in Ozersk; it is one of the shores of Lake Irtyash with a white stone arbour. (In Bashikrian word "Irtyash" means "a place where there are stones".)

In the Ural mountains, most names of old lakes, rivers, mountains and villages are in Bashkirian;  Bashkirians are the native people of the Ural Mountains Region.

To Be Continued...

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