Friday, 29 August 2014

My Trip to Russia Part 3. Ozersk. Streets and Buildings. Photos. 2/3

My Trip to Russia. Part III

Ozersk -- Streets and Buildings (2/3)
First, is the photo of the founder of our town -- nuclear physicist Igor Kurchatov, the director of the Soviet atomic bomb project.

The town started as a settlement of engineers who worked on the development of nuclear weapon.  This is the reason the location was chosen to be the Ural Mountains, as geographically it is almost in the middle of the country, and neither the Western, nor the Eastern countries can reach it easily. (This is also why USA now wants Ukraine to join NATO so badly, so that the US could position its military rockets next to the Russian border: this way the rockets could reach the Urals, where all the important sites are, with greater probability)
Because of its important function, the town has always had a special standing for Russia, and even in hard times of shortages in Russia, the town and its people always had everything they needed. 
During the USSR-times, the only way to get into Ozёrsk was to be directed there by the government, and only the smartest and luckiest people were able to achieve that. 
Though now the people with all kinds of professions live in Ozersk, the best positions are still those that are associated with the development of nuclear weapon at the nuclear plant called Mayak. 
(My dad is a senior nuclear engineer there.)
Our houses are generally much bigger and have more creative designs than most of the houses in Ottawa. 

We also love gates!

The theatre called "Our Home" and the town administration buildings:

To be Continued...


  1. how would a citizen of another country be allowed to visit Ozёrsk?