Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cheeky Blonde. Miss My Blonde Days

Cheeky Blonde!
Sometimes, randomly and unexpectedly, I get the urge to go blonde! Blonde hair can really make you appear lighter, more cheerful... When in a proper combination with other things like wordrobe and attitude of course!
I have also noticed that plane white, bleached hair with a bit of dark roots showing is getting more and more fashionale!
I've always liked that look! In my opinion this whole high-maintanace combination of highlights and low lights that a hair stylist usually performs on your hair is too overcomplicated and fussy!

This very famous model for instance, perfectly illustrates the charm of plane white, platinum hair with a bit of grown-out roots showing. So effortlessly perfect! Always edgy and fashionable! 

Unfortunately, for me, all those speculations right now are just theory, the days when I changed my hair colour at the first hint of the desire, or even just out of boredom, are over. It took me way too much time, effort and self-control to grow my natural colour all the way from tiny roots back to just below the shoulders, that any such radical transformation is absolutely out of question now. 
So I guess, all that I have left to do, is simply enjoy the photos of other people with these daring shades of blonde, my own old pictures among them, while leaving my own hair alone to be its natural light brown shade...

Here are some memories in pictures of the fearless blonde days:


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