Saturday, 20 October 2012

Got a Job. And. Don't I look exaclty like Natalia Vodianova???

Hello Again!!

I got a job :) Today was my first day at work. You know those annoying guys who keep calling your home phone and offering you stuff? Now I'm one of them.. Except that I'm not that annoying, since I only call to announce that you are getting free gifts and only do that if you completed a survey.
It's amazing how much people dislike gifts! I mean it's not much of course, just your choice of a 2-3 days stay at a hotel at any location of your choice in North America from Kingston to Hawaii or a rice-cooker.. but still better than nothing! And all you have to do to get one of these is to listen to a 45 minute presentation and tell your opinion on the product the company is trying to sell.. No need to buy anything! Just an opinion! People are so secretive these days. At the beginning many of them are interested, but as soon as they hear that someone is coming to their place with a short presentation  99% immediately say no-no and some even tell you not to ever call them again!.. Just listen to that presentation crap and get your free hotel reservations or a (multipurpose) rice-cooker! You don't even have to go anywhere, the gift will arrive at your door with the representative whose gonna make a short presentation.. and I'm sure if you don't waste those 45 mins of your life on that presentation, you are going to waste them just as purposelessly on something like a TV show or pointless Internet browsing anyway (except in this case you won't even be rewarded for it!)..
I'm not getting too excited about the job though, today was just fun training, I even got one booking, but the catch is that if I don't start getting at least 3-4 bookings a day in the next couple of days they will dismiss you..
Btw I have another job interview too.. AND a Montreal modelling agency appointment. Again all of those offers came almost in one day, after a week and half - long silence. I felt so bored and.. unwanted those whole two weeks!.. No part time job, no real modelling.. and then in one day literally it all changed. The offers just cascaded on me. One day I get two messages on my answering machine - one employer called me to set up an interview on Monday, and a Montreal modelling agency too on Wednesday-- Ok! Then the next employer calls the next day and says they want me to  start working! This time IMMEDIATELY! So now I already have a job AND an interview on the same day AND a modelling appointment in Montreal. the next day. Oh! and my two paid modelling assignments I booked a while ago also happen to be scheduled for this coming week!! WHY DID IT ALL HAVE TO HAPPEN AT ONCE? WHy can't things ever be just a tiny bit spaced out in my life..Why is there always this perpetual all-or-nothing scenario happening..?

BTW don't you find i look like Natalia Vodyanova? I think she is responsible for introducing the eastern-european look and showing that it's beautiful..

Here have a look for yourself- don't we look like twins :)

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  1. Hey,

    You don't even remember me......I am that Indian guy who worked in the theater(night shift) with you for 2-3 days sometime last year....remember AMC Kanata. You told me you took anti depressant tablets and loved horse riding!
    Boy, great things happening in life, eh! You were so reserved from what I recollect, I thought you didn't speak English.

    I had asked you to act in my short film but you never responded back, and look now I am back in India...damn!

    Anyway, great life ahead for you I am sure, take care
    PS- would it be ok if I added you in FB, inches I ever made it back and I want to cast you in that short,

    1. sure add me! Yea I'm sure I had agreed to be in your video, and would agree still!

  2. There is no need of any competition with anybody. You are yourself, and as you are, you are perfectly good. Accept yourself.


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