Sunday, 9 December 2012

J.K. Rowling's new book..

The Author of Harry Potter wrote a New Book

Maybe I am behind on the news (I haven't watched any news for a while, so probably you already know what I am going to post about) but yesterday, at Chapters the bookstore, I saw that the author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling wrote a new book! Apparently (and unfortunately) there isn’t any magic in it. It's a novel for adults about a small English city and its people. It's called Casual Vacancy. They have a huge pile of these books in downtown Chapters on the second floor.
I wonder if it's going to become as famous as Harry Potter. Something tells me that it won't. The novel will (and already has) definitely get some publicity, after all it's the author of Harry Potter (!) who wrote it, but in my opinion, it's precisely because everyone will be reminded about Harry Potter when reading the new novel, that the new book will probably seem especially lackluster and unimaginative without all the magic and mystery of her Harry Potter..
In fact it looks like the new novel will be dealing with completely different issues… like rape, drug addiction and self-harm… hmm… in my humble opinion there's too much of this stuff in the real world already.. The fairytale, and magical adventures is what people are missing in their every day life and what they found abundance of in Harry Potter… That's why I think they loved it.. Why does the novel for adults have to deal with such disturbing things? It's as though all adults enjoy is hearing about rape and violence… This is definitely not true, and I believe Harry Potter was a novel that in equal measure brightened up the life of children And adults!Anyway, it seems that the author wants the book to be turned into a movie, so for those of us who do not like or don't have time to read there will very soon be a new movie to watch…

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