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Part 3. Introduction to Transurfing. The Space of Variations.

Introduction to Transurfing.
Part 3
The Space of Variations
In our knowledge, we represent the motion of matter using laws, while nature contains this motion in its pure form – as an infinite number of causes and effects. Broadly speaking, data about every possible material object, and its path along the infinite number of points, is stored in a field of information, which we will refer to as the space of variations. It contains information about everything that was, that is and that will be.

The space of variations is an informational structure has a rather material basis. This infinite field of information contains all pos- sible variations to any event that could take place. We can say that the space of variations contains all information. 

Let’s not try to guess how this information is preserved – that’s not at all important. The essential thing to remember is that the space of vari- ations works as a template, a coordinate network for moving matter through space and time.
Hence, each point in the space of variations contains its own variation of a particular event. To make it easier to understand, let’s pretend that a variation consists of a script and decorations. The decorations represent the external view or form of manifested real- ity, while the script is the path along which matter is transported. To make things even more convenient, we can divide the space of variations into sectors, each of which would have its own script and decorations. The more space there is between sectors, the greater are the differences in scripts and decorations. Your destiny is also represented by a multitude of variations.
Theoretically, there are no limitations to the number and type of scripts and decorations that could exist in a person’s life. That is be- cause the space of variations is infinite in nature. The least significant event could have an impact on a person’s future destiny. A person’s life is just like any other  transportation of matter, it is nothing but a chain of causes and effects. In the space of variations, effect and its cause are closely located. One follows the other, and thus, the sectors of one’s destiny form a life track. The scripts and decorations on one such track are more or less of the same nature. The life of a man flows evenly along one direction until an event takes place that changes the scripts and decorations. Then destiny takes a turn and starts to move along a different life track.
Imagine that you’ve been watching a play. You go back to the theater the next day, to watch the very same play. Yet, the play is now performed with different decorations. The two plays you’ve seen are life tracks that are rather close to each other in the space of variations. During the next theatrical season, you watch a play with the same actors, but this time around, the script has been signific- antly changed. This life track is located  further away from the original one, where you went to see the play for the first time. And finally, the same play could run in a different theatre, and you would therefore, experience a new and unusual interpretation of the play. Therefore, this life track is already quite far away from the first life track.
Reality manifests itself in all its multiplicity precisely because the number of variations is infinite. Any point of origin will flow into the chain of causes and effects. Having chosen your point of origin, you will get a corresponding manifestation of reality. We can say that reality unfolds itself along a life track, depending on the selected point of origin. Everyone gets what he or she chooses. You have the right to choose just because the infinity of variations already exists. Nobody prevents you from selecting whatever destiny you like. Mastering your destiny comes down to one simple thing – making a choice. Transurfing gives you the answer to the question of how to make that choice.
Thus, an informational structure contains an infinite multitude of potential possibilities – variations, each with its own script and dec- orations. The process of materialization takes place in accordance with what informa- tion is contained within this structure. The process of moving matter through the space of variations can be demonstrated by the fol- lowing mental experiment.
Picture a water pipe. A freezing ring is slowly moving along the pipe, so that water in the pipe freezes only at the location of the ring. Hence, ice crystals are traveling in the water along the pipe. Water molecules remains in their places in a relatively loose state. When the freezing ring passes along a particular spot, water molecules inside the pipe are fixed frozen into ice crystals. But then the ice melts and the water molecules are released again. The ice crystal itself doesn’t move in the water, through the pipe. It is the structure of ice - the frozen state - that is moving through the pipe.
So, metaphorically speaking the water in the pipe represents the space of variations, while the crystal of ice represents the material manifestation of variations. The water molecules represent people and their position in the crystal structure is manifested as a pos- sible variation of destiny. There is no definite answer to what the freezing ring represents. In other words, how and why can an inform- ational structure be transformed into matter? In the micro-world of quantum physics, matter can take form of a bundle of energy. We know that micro particles are being born and destroyed repeatedly in vacuum space. So, in a way matter exists, but at the same time it doesn’t really have a proper material substance. There’s only one thing that is clear – everything tangible is based on intangible energy.

I hope I haven’t tired you too much with physics. We are only at the starting point of Transurfing. But what you are about to find out from this book can be relatively shocking. Therefore, it’s inevitable that I present you with some theoretical background, so that your mind doesn’t get too confused. Just bear with me a little while longer.

An ocean’s wave can serve as yet another analogy to illustrate manifestation in the space of variations. Let’s suppose that as a result of an earthquake, a wave was formed out on the sea. It travels along the ocean’s surface as a large hump, but the water itself remains in place. It is not the mass of water that is moving, but rather the manifestation of its energy potential. Only around the shore does the water splash onto the dry land. All other waves are acting the same way. In this analogy, the sea is the space of variations, while the wave is the material manifestation.

So what do we get here? On the one hand, material manifestation moves in space and time. Yet on the other hand – variations re- main in their places and continue to exist forever? This means that everything was, is, and will be? Well, why not? Time is just as static as space. You can only feel the flow of time when the film is running and the frames follow one another. Now unfold the film and look at all frames at once. Where did the time go? All frames exist simultaneously. Time remains static only until we begin to look sequentially at one frame after another. This is exactly what happens in real life, and that’s why the idea that everything comes and goes is firmly embedded in our consciousness.
In fact, everything that is written in the in- formation field has been there forever and will always remain there. Life tracks exist like film reels. Everything that has happened does not disappear for good, but continues to exist. Everything that is about to happen is happening now. The present is just the material manifestation of a given sector in the space of variations on your particular life track.

Many people might wonder: “How is it possible that all possible variations to my destiny exist permanently? Who would need this information? God? Nature? And why would anyone need this information anyway?” Then try to imagine a point on a coordinate plane. In school, we learned the following: a given point on a coordinate plane can have any x and y coordinates, (note: any!) from negative to positive values of infinity. Why did no one ever ask the question: How come a point can have any coordinates? Now, picture a point moving along a linear function, asking itself: “How come the path I’ve already walked has always been there and will continue to be there forever? And how come my future journey and its path are already predetermined?” Yet, you are looking at the point and its path from above and therefore, there is nothing amazing about its travel.

The space of variations works as a template, it determines in what way things should be manifested in reality. Imagine a dark forest and a man with a flashlight. The man walks through the forest, and wherever he points with his flashlight, he is illuminating a small part of the forest. Realization (see note below) manifests itself like a spot of light. The entire dark forest is the space of variations, while the illuminated part is the realization of a variation of a given sector. What then is this “light?” In other words, what “lights up” or materializes a variation in the template?
To answer this question, we must pick yet another starting point. In our time, there’s already no doubt that thoughts are material. Reality appears to us in two shapes: on the one hand, our existence is defined by our consciousness, and yet, on the other hand, there is plenty of indisputable evidence to the contrary. Our thoughts do not only function as a motivation to action, they also have a direct impact on our reality. For example, our worst fears tend to come true. Of course, you could argue that we are not really talking about materialization of our thoughts, but rather of an ominous premonition. Sure enough, most paranormal phenomena tend to be unexplained and ambiguous. But this doesn’t mean that we can ignore this given form of manifested reality. There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that thoughts can have a direct influence on reality.
In one way or another, a person’s consciousness forms his destiny. This book talks specifically about how such things are possible. Let’s make the following statement our starting point: waves of thought energy materialize a potential variant. This statement is correct, because reality can be manifested in any form defined by consciousness. You can find evidence supporting this hypothesis not only from your daily life but also from experiments in quantum physics. For our purposes, it is not really important to know exactly how thoughts interact with the space of variations. It is still not clear how the pro- cess of information transfer takes place – whether it has an energy basis or a basis of some other kind. To make things easier, we’ll simply assume that the wave of thought energy “highlights” a certain sector of the space of variations and as a result, the variation gets its own materialization. Waves of thought will find their corresponding sector in the space of variations. The variation of that particular sector is then materialized.
Hence, in this chain of events consciousness is able to define reality.
You should just keep in mind that this is only one way of manifesting reality. It’s not possible to form your own reality the way you like it just by pure meditation. Although, there are people who can make objects ma- terialize out of thin air. But these people are rarely seen, and they don’t advertise their abilities. Nonetheless, thoughts have the same impact on a man’s destiny, as his specific actions. People are accustomed to the idea that their actions attract visible consequences that are easy to explain. The influence of thoughts is usually unnoticed and therefore, you cannot explain nor predict it. It may seem that establishing an obvious causal link between thoughts and their subsequent events is relatively difficult. But you are about to see that a person’s thoughts have a direct influence on the form of his reality. People get exactly what they choose.
Someone could object: “Are you trying to say that all these oceans, mountains, planets, galaxies – they are all nothing but the product of my thoughts?” The tendency of man to sometimes consider himself the center of the Universe is part of human nature. Actually, man occupies a tiny niche in this infinite space. Our world is populated with millions of living organisms, and each and every one of them makes its own contribution to the formation of reality. Each creature has its own parameters of thought waves. If you’re not comfortable viewing plants as thinking objects, you may name the process differently. It won’t change the main idea. We can’t even say for sure that non-living things don’t have anything similar to the thoughts of living organisms. Not to mention the Spirit that penetrates everything in existence and which we call God. Each creature has its own consciousness and forms the lay- er of its own world. We can say that everything in this world carries a particle of God, and in this way, He rules the world.

Realization – to make something real. In the context of this book - turning a particular sector in the space of variations into material reality. (tr.) 

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