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Part 4. Introduction to Transurfing. The Life Tracks

Part 4
The Space of Variations: The Life Tracks
Each person travels along his own life track. But at the same time all people live in one and the same world. The material world is one for everybody, but each person has his own manifestation of reality. Let’s suppose that you are a tourist and you are visiting a beautiful city. You are admiring the sights and the architectural beauty; you see the flower gardens, fountains, parks with little paths and the smiling faces of the wealthy townspeople. When you pass the garbage can, you see a homeless person. He is just like you, in the same world and in the same dimension. However, he does not see what you see. He sees an empty bottle in the can, the dirty wall, another bum that’s out to get the empty bottle, the police, looking suspiciously at him and so on. You live on one life track, and he lives on another. Your life tracks have crossed in the space of variations. Therefore, this world, as a materialization of reality is one for both of you.
All material manifestations have an energy basis. The field of energy is primary, whereas all other physical manifestations are secondary. Scientists try to bring together different manifestations of energy into one single theoretical framework and we’ll soon see results. But then they’ll have to add more things to the theory, because reality can manifest it- self in an infinite number of ways. Without going into much detail, let’s look at energy as some kind of abstract and invisible force that nonetheless, exists in reality. For our purposes, it will be enough to acknowledge the fact that the energy of a person’s thoughts is entirely material. The energy of thought isn’t locked in a person’s head, circulating there aimlessly. Rather, it is dispersed into space where it interacts with the surrounding energy field. Nowadays very few people would argue against this fact.
For convenience, as a parameter of thought waves, we can take their frequency, just as we measure radio waves. Whenever you are thinking about something, the frequency of your thought energy is tuned to a certain area in the space of variations. When energy falls within a sector of the space of variations, the sector’s specific variation starts to materialize. Energy has a complex structure and penetrates everything in this world. Passing through a man’s body, energy is modified by his thoughts, and upon exiting, energy acquires parameters that correspond to these thoughts (a radio transmitter works in a similar way). Energy parameters absorb the characteristics of thoughts. That way the energy that is going out is transformed into thought waves, which in turn convert a sector of the space of variations into a material manifestation. When you think of something either good or bad, you radiate thought energy into the space of variations. Modified energy is applied to a specific sector and this interaction results in corresponding changes in your life.
Situations in our life are formed not only by specific actions, but also by the nature of a person’s thoughts. If you have a hostile attitude towards the world, it will treat you the same way. If you are always whining, ex- pressing your dissatisfaction with the world, there will be more and more reasons for you to be dissatisfied. If your attitude towards the world is predominantly negative, then the world will be a terrible place to live in. The opposite is, of course, also true – a positive attitude is the most natural way of changing your life for the better. You get what you choose. That is reality, whether you like it or not.
While your thoughts have more or less the same direction, you will find yourself on the same life track. As soon as your attitude to reality changes, in one way or another, the parameters of your thought waves acquire new characteristics, and the material manifestation of your world moves from the old track to a new one. On that track, events follow a completely different script, in agreement with the parameters of your radiation. If for some reason you don’t like the script, you’ll struggle, trying to change the situation. Every person, when presented with obstacles, reacts negatively, expressing dis- satisfaction or becoming depressed. Thus, your thought waves relocate themselves onto a track where there will be even more obstacles. As a result, life will roll faster and faster downhill.
The process described above may seem beyond your control, but in fact, you are the one responsible for directing your energy of manifestation into problematic areas of the space of variations. You believe that by doing what you are doing you are effectively overcoming obstacles. While in reality, you get exactly what you chose. If you choose to fight obstacles – then you will have more than enough of them to fight. If you are preoccupied with thinking about problems, then they will always be there in your life. You are directing your actions so that you can change the situation on your current life track, but you can never change a script in the space of variations. You are only able to choose another script . While trying to change unpleasant events in the script within the space of variations, you will be thinking precisely of things that you don’t like. In this very way, your choice is successfully materialized, and you get exactly what you don’t want.
It’s not possible to change anything on your current life track. Just as if you went to an art gallery, you wouldn’t be able to remove or rebuild an exhibition that you don’t like. You’re not the one in charge here. But nobody is stopping you from turning around and walking into another room, to look at something that you would like better. Of course, crossing over to another life track, where everyone gets whatever he or she demands, doesn’t happen by simply wanting it. Not all thoughts can be manifested, and not all desires are fulfilled. And that is not because of the content of the thoughts, but rather because of their nature. Simply to dream or to wish for does not yet mean to choose. Dreams don’t come true. It’s necessary to fulfill certain conditions in order for your dreams to come true. You will find out what those conditions are and how you fulfill them in this book.
There are an infinite number of life tracks, destinies, for each person in the space of variations. We have no reason to resent our destiny because we have been given the right to choose. Our only problem is that we don’t know how to do this. The world appears to us in its multitude of possibilities, as if it was created to satisfy any possible need. Anyone can find everything they ever wanted in this world. Even in different areas of knowledge, the world appears to us just the way we want to see it. For example, idealism claims that the world is an illusion, and the world agrees. Materialism claims the opposite, and the world again has nothing against that opinion. People argue among themselves, imposing their opinions on each other, while the world shows that they are all right in their opinions. Well, isn’t this great?! The space of variations is a so-called illusion, while the material manifestation is the same thing as the “material world.” We always get what we choose.
Whoever is acquainted with the principles of Islam knows the meaning of the following expression “the fate of a man is recorded in The Book”. Basically, it means that fate is predetermined and you can’t run away from it. Similar statements can be found in the context of other religions. It is true that the fate of a man is already predetermined. The religious claims are wrong only in the fact that there is not one variation of a person’s fate, but rather an infinite number of variations. You can’t hide from your destiny. And to some degree that’s true, because you can’t change the script of a variation. Fighting the world around you so that you can change your destiny is a very difficult and unrewarding task. Don’t try changing the script, it is pointless. You can simply choose the variation that you like the most.

Of course, this is all very strange and raises certain doubts. However, I never thought you’d readily believe in the Model of Variations. I didn’t believe it either until I was convinced that Transurfing works, and it does so to one hundred percent. There is no point in favoring a specific model if your only goal is to find some kind of absolute truth. The model itself is of little significance, the  important thing is the practical result you get out of using a particular model. Different mathematical models are able to represent the same physical phenomenon in different ways. Wouldn’t it be funny if experts in analytical geometry suddenly took up arms against mathematical analysis and started arguing that geometry is the only true mathematical discipline? Mathematicians can come to some sort of agreement amongst themselves, but philosophers and religious figures? Never.

Where is the Space of Variations, Anyway? 
Where is it located, this space of variations? It’s very difficult to answer this question. Given our three-dimensional perception, we could say that the space of variations is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Imagine an infinite plane that does not have a beginning or an end, and on that plane live tiny two-dimensional people. They don’t even suspect that there is such a thing as a third dimension. It seems to them that this flat plane is the world and they cannot understand how anything could ever exist beyond its boundaries. Yet, nevertheless, we know that we need only to add a third dimension to this world model, and suddenly an infinite number of such flat planes can be created. So, don’t worry about the fact that we are not able to imagine in great detail how an infinite number of worlds can coexist with our own.
It’s hard to believe that parallel worlds actually exist. But on the other hand, is it easy for you to believe in the theory of relativity, which claims that an accelerating body in- creases its mass, reduces its size and slows down the passage of time through which the body moves? It is yet impossible to test this claim first hand. The important thing is not whether we understand the theory or not, but the practical use that can be gained from this theory.
It is rather absurd and trivial to argue about the advantages of a given model in infinite space. Try to picture the infinity of increasing distances, like outer space for instance. There, far off in the distance, are no boundaries. The infinity of decreasing distances, strange as it may sound, has no limits as well. We can only observe a limited part of the visible Universe. Both the telescope and the microscope have their limitations. Infinity on a micro-level is not any different from infinity on a macro-level.
There is a theory that the visible universe was created because of “The Big Bang.” And ever since, according to the theory, the uni- verse is constantly expanding in all directions. Bodies move through the cosmos at great speeds. But if we would change our point of view and take into account the enormous distances involved in the process, it would seem to us that this expansion is happening very slowly and over an extremely long period of time.
It’s also a known fact that in a vacuum space, at any given moment in time, elementary particles appear out of nowhere and disap- pear just as suddenly as they appeared. Con- sidering the relativity of space and time, we are able to consider each particle as a separ- ate Universe, similar to our own. After all, we don’t know anything about how elementary particles are being made. According to physicists, elementary particles can sometimes ap- pear as waves and sometimes as particles. By moving further into the micro-world, the relative distances become similar to those in outer space, and the passage of time for the inner observer slows down once again. To an external observer, our Universe exists for one moment only, just like a particle that is born and extinguished into emptiness within seconds, whereas to us, the inner observers, our Universe has existed for billions of years.
When you are having your next sip of coffee, think about this: how many Universes have you just swallowed? You’ve just swallowed an infinite number of universes, because infinity cannot be divided into parts. It’s as far and takes just as much time to “fly” into the micro-world, as it would if you were to fly to the endless expanses of outer space. Time, like space, is infinite. This goes for time that runs forward and for time that runs back- ward. Fragments of time can be as infinitely tiny, as they can be infinitely huge. Any point on a time fragment can be considered a point of origin, on both sides of which lies infinite time. Moving the point of origin along the fragment of time won’t change anything that is ahead or behind that point.
This infinity of worlds within worlds exists simultaneously. The center of the universe is located at any given point at any given mo- ment, because the very same infinity sur- rounds each point from every possible side.
And all possible events exist simultaneously for the very same reason the center of the universe is located at any given point. This is difficult to imagine. But then again, it is impossible to take one look at the universe and see it all. No matter how far you imagine yourself moving in the universe, the same in- finite space will surround you. There are, of course, even more confusing theories about the structure of our universe, according to which our visible universe is transformed into a finite sphere in four-dimensional space. But this doesn’t make things easier, because once again there can be an infinite number of dimensions. Not being able to imagine all of this, we are forced to be satisfied with our own narrow point of view, pretending that we understand something.
Overall, there are many incomprehensible and inconceivable things in modern science, but this doesn’t stop us from using the fruits that science has reaped. Using the principles of Transurfing, you will get astonishing results. Just let’s agree that you won’t be tormenting yourself with questions about exactly why and how Transurfing works. It would be as if a child asks a physicist, “Why are bodies drawn towards each other?” The physicist would answer, “Because of the law of gravity.” But then the child would ask an- other question “Why does the law of gravity exist? But how come physical bodies are drawn towards each other?” There are no answers to these questions. So let’s leave this fruitless task of trying to explain something, and let’s just use the outcome of the model of variations. It’s clearly beyond us to know and understand everything.

Conclusion of Parts 1-4
Based on the model of variations, man creates his own destiny. And nonetheless, the idea of destiny in Transurfing differs from the generally accepted view. So what is the difference then? The difference is that you can choose your own happiness, without having to fight for it. Don’t rush to either accepting or rejecting the model of variations once and for all. Just ask yourself this question: have you achieved much by fighting the world for your own happiness? Everyone has to decide for himself, whether to continue acting in the same way or try a different approach. After all, you can spend your whole life fighting and struggling and get absolutely nowhere. Wouldn’t it be easier if the world came to you on its own? After all, all it ever does is manifesting your choices.
Whatever order you’ll choose to place, it will always be delivered to you, no matter what. But making a choice is not the same as wishing something, it is something quite different, and you are about to discover what it is. Wishes are granted only in fairy tales. It’s no coincidence there is a strong belief that fulfilling wishes is either extremely difficult or impossible. As of yet, we’ve only taken the first step towards the solution of the Overseer’s Riddle. Soon, you’ll find out why wishes are never granted and dreams never come true.

Summary of Parts 1-4. 
Reality can be manifested in an infinite number of ways.
The diversity of variations is the foremost and fundamental quality of our world.
Any world model represents but a fraction of the multiple ways in which reality can appear.
Any branch of knowledge is based on a chosen aspect of the manifested reality.
Your choice is always made into reality. What you choose is what you get.
The space of variations is an information field of what was, what is, and what will be.
The information field contains potential variations for any event.
A variation consists of a script and decorations.
The space of variations can be divided into sectors, each of which contains its own variation.
The larger the distance between sectors, the greater the difference in variations.
Sectors with roughly similar parameters align themselves to form one specific life track.
Material realization moves in space like a dense mass.
Waves of thought energy materialize potential variations.
Each organism makes its own contribution to the formation of material realizations.
When the parameters of thought energy change, an organism moves to another life track.
You can’t change the script of a variation, but you are able to choose another one.
Don’t fight for happiness – you can simply choose a variation that you like. 

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