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Transurfing. Part 11. Pendulums: The Suspended State.

Part 11
Pendulums: The Suspended State
Having freed yourself from the influence of destructive pendulums, you acquire freedom. But freedom without a goal – is a suspended state. If you are preoccupied with making the surrounding pendulums fall through or ex- tinguishing them, you are running the risk of finding yourself in a vacuum. Previous con- flicts have gone somewhere else, concerns that have been annoying you have receded, arguments occur more and more rarely, anxiety and worry have disappeared. All of this happening is hardly noticeable, as if the storm is slowly quieting down.
However, soon you will find out that there is a downside to it. If you were in the centre of events before, now they seem to be happen- ing somewhere else. To the people around you, you are no longer of the same import- ance as you used to be before and they pay less and less attention to you. You have fewer and fewer concerns, but there are no desires either. The pressure from the external world weakens, but that doesn’t bring you any ad- vantage. You have fewer problems, but no
new achievements.
What is happening here? The thing is that the entire world of man is built on pendu- lums. Therefore, if a man isolates himself from them completely, he will find himself in a desert. The suspended state is not much better than being dependent on the pendu- lum. For example, children who have everything pine away, because “there’s noth- ing more to want.” They are suffering them- selves and they pester everyone around them with their whining. Humankind is made in such a way that he always needs something
to strive for.
Your freedom is being free from the pendu- lums of others. But there are pendulums that will be of use to you personally. These are your pendulums. In other words, it’s neces- sary to recognize goals that have been forced on you, and in the pursuit of which you walk further and further away from your life track of happiness. The task is, while being free, to choose those life tracks where true success and happiness await you.
Pendulums are not an absolute evil to a per- son, if he is aware of his actions and the situ- ation. You can never be entirely free from pendulums. The only question is how to avoid putting yourself under the influence of pendulums, and to consciously use them for your own purposes. Transurfing offers spe- cific tools for doing this. To free oneself from the influence of pendulums completely is not possible, but it’s not even necessary. On the contrary, it is exactly the pendulums that are, in the end, responsible for turning a man’s dreams into reality.

Summary of Parts 5-11.
A pendulum is created by the energy of people who are thinking in the same direction.
A pendulum is an energy-based information structure.
A pendulum fixes thought energy of an ad- herent onto its own frequency.
A heavy battle for adherents is going on between pendulums.
A destructive pendulum forces goals onto its adherents that are alien to them.
A pendulum plays on people’s feelings, attracting them into its net.
If you actively do not want something, it will be in your life.
To free yourself from a pendulum means to throw it out of your life.
To throw something out of your life means not to avoid it, but to ignore it.
To stop a pendulum, it’s necessary to violate the script of the game.
Positive visualization will gently extinguish a pendulum-man.
The energy of an extinguished pendulum is transferred to you.
Problems are solved by the fall through or extinguishing of pendulums, which created the problems in the first place. 
In order to solve problems – rent yourself out.
To avoid a suspended state, you must find your own pendulums.
You must develop the habit of remembering all of this. 

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