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Transurfing Part 10. Pendulums: Simple Solutions to Complicated Problems.

Part 10
Pendulums: Simple Solutions to Complicated Problems
If you were able to extinguish a pendulum or make it fall through, you would as well be able to solve all kinds of possible problems. This problem could be a complicated life situation, a conflict, an unfavorable circum- stance, a difficulty or simply a task. There are simple solutions to all complicated problems. The key to solving a problem is always somewhere on the surface, the only question is how to spot it. The pendulum that has cre- ated the problem for you will get in the way of you seeing the key to the problem.
The goal of a destructive pendulum is to get energy from you. In order to accomplish this, it has to fix the frequency of your radiating thoughts on the problem. This is very easy to do, if you are convinced that the problem is difficult. If you accept these rules of the  game, the pendulum will easily take you by the hand and lead you into an intricate labyrinth. Only later will you realize the answer was right there in front of you the whole time.
If you scare a person, worry him, confuse him or play on his fears, saying how difficult the problem is, then he will easily agree to things being complicated and so he’ll be hooked. But you don’t really have to scare people to achieve the same effect. The public opinion is already such that many problems are considered to be difficult in nature and thus, lack simple solutions. Throughout life, every one of us is constantly confronted with difficulties of some kind, especially when it is something new and unfamiliar. As a result, everyone has a strongly rooted habit of facing problems with anxiety and sometimes even with reverential fear. In addition, one always weighs his abilities to handle a prob- lem on the scales of doubt. Consequently, the tendency to face problems with fear is transformed into a puppet string.
The pendulum can act either through its ad- herents, namely people associated with a particular problem, or it can act through non-living objects as well. The pendulum fixes the radiation of thought energy on a certain frequency and is busy sucking the en- ergy, while the person is preoccupied with the problem. One would think that fixing fre- quency on the subject would help concentra- tion. How could that possibly interfere with solving the problem?
The thing is that the pendulum fixes our thoughts on a very narrow sector in the in- formational field, while the solution may very well be outside this sector. As a result, a person is thinking and acting within the limits of the narrow corridor and doesn’t really have the possibility to see the bigger picture. Unusual and intuitive solutions appear to
you precisely when you free yourself from the pendulum and get the freedom to think in another direction. The whole secret of be- ing a genius is being free from the influence of the pendulums. While pendulums capture the ordinary people’s frequencies of thoughts, geniuses’ frequencies of thoughts can reorganize themselves independently and may enter unexplored areas of the information field.
Then how should you act in order to avoid getting into the pendulum’s capture noose? Don’t get absorbed with the problem and don’t allow the pendulum to ensnare you in its game. Rent yourself out. Act as you nor- mally would in such situations, but not as a participant in the game, but rather as an ex- ternal observer. Try looking at the situation, as if it didn’t concern you at all. Remember that the pendulums want to take you by the hand and lead you into a labyrinth. Don’t let the problem scare you, grab hold of you, worry or confuse you. Just remember that there is a very simple solution to any problem. Do not accept the “difficult” interpretation imposed on you by the pendulums.
If you have been confronted with a problem or a tricky situation, catch yourself on your attitude towards it. The problem could give rise to confusion, fear, resentment, despair and so on. You need to change your usual at- titude towards the problem to the exact op- posite, and the problem will either disappear all by itself or you will quickly find a very simple solution to it. In spite of your stereo- types and habits, see any problem not as an obstacle that you have to overcome, but rather as a part of the road you have to walk on. Don’t leave any space in yourself for the problem. Be empty to the problem.
If you have to solve a problem that requires a certain amount of thinking, don’t rush into logical reasoning right away. Your subconscious is directly linked to the field of information. The solution to any possible problem is already there. Therefore, you should first relax, and then cast away any fear and anxiety that you may have regarding the solution. Because you do know that the solution is out there. Let go of yourself, stop the train of thoughts and try to contemplate the emptiness. It is very likely that the solu- tion will come to you instantly, and it will probably be a very simple one. If that didn’t work, don’t get upset and turn on your think- ing device. It will work the next time. This exercise is very useful in developing the ability to obtain intuitive knowledge. The only
important thing is to make it your habit.
This method really does work, if you are able to free yourself from the pendulum and “rent yourself out”. However, this is easier said than done. Later in this book, you’ll discover new methods for dealing with pendulums. This is truly only the beginning. Doesn’t it seem to you that I have taken you by the hand and I am about to lead you into a labyrinth? That’s right, be free even of the people that preach to you about your freedom.

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