Thursday, 20 March 2014

Surprising Finding

Surprising Find
This Tuesday, when walking through Rideau Center, I ran across this unexpected finding. On one of the floors, right in the middle of the hallway, there lay a small glittering golden cross. It was not an accessory or decoration (and crosses are a fashionable accessory design now) but a crucifix, a religious symbol, with a figure of Jesus Christ on it (the fashionable accessories are simply in a shape of a cross, but do not have the figure of Jesus Christ on them).
The cross was of bright yellow gold, very bright and beautiful.
Usually, I do not tend to attach meaning to my small findings of small souvenirs and pieces of jewelry on the ground, as I have somehow always been especially good at spotting little things that other people miss ( here meaning do not notice ;).
But this finding of mine somehow felt different and special.
First of all, probably because that was a religious symbol (and usually it is earrings and, at best, rings, that I am finding). And secondly, because of the way I ran across it, as it was just lying there, sparkling and glinting right in the middle of the hallway, as though waiting to be picked up, yet no one seemed to have noticed it before me.
I wonder what this finding of mine might mean..
Should I maybe wear it?
Well, it almost certainly is a Catholic cross, or maybe a Protestant one, and I am Orthodox... (I wonder how big of a difference that makes)...
And is it good to wear something that you found like that...?
I am now carrying this cross in my winter jacket's breast pocket, hoping that finding it is a good sign! 

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  1. I think if something reminds you of Jesus and the message of peace and love he taught us to live by then its a good thing! Also I think Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christians really all stand for the same message of love. The difference is in how each one practices their faith. I believe we're all on the same team.