Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Justice Prevailed!

Justice Prevailed! The Peninsula of Crimea is now (again) a part of the Russian Land! (+video)

Before long, Justice Prevailed! 
I knew it! 
It turned out, in the referendum in Crimea 97% of people in Crimea voted in favor of joining the Russian Federation!
I had no doubt about that! 
After all, the republic of Crimea has always been Russian (given to Ukraine as a gift for some stupid unknown reason), and the overwhelming majority of people living in Crimea were Russians and not Ukraninas.
It was these people who were oppressed by the Ukranian government in terms of their autonomy (which was only on paper) and language (Ukranian government imposed Ukranian as the only official language their despite the majority of populattion being Russian and the status of republic given to this region (again showing that this status was only a formal name in the paper, and in reality they enjoyed no freedoms).

Even the local "native population" of Tatars was in favor of joining RF, as the Ukranian government pressured these people too to assimilate with the Ukraine and its mainstream culture and to abandon their own traditional values and language.
People of Crimea were so determined in their desire to re-join Russia that those who were in hospitals for instance, asked to let them leave sooner just so that they could attend the vote and this way do what they can to make sure Crimea re-joins Russia.
The vote was fair and supervised by the impartial officials from  other countries, who were impressed just how much the Crimeans wanted to become a part of Russia again rather than remaining the oppressed territory of Ukraine.
So today, the peninsula of Crimea is the new (or old rather ;) Russian land (again)!
The day has become a great holiday and celebration for all people of Crimea!
Of course some particularly delusional and brainwashed haters still think that the voters had guns held to their head to force them to vote for joining Russia.

Well, let them think that, and this way be especially annoyed and upset with the fact that Crimea became a part Russian Federation after all. They deserve to be upset for their narrow-mindedness! :)
The sanctions imposed against Russia by the western countries will be minimal, as everyone pretty much gets that what they are doing is wrong and has no true ground. Plus, no one wants to remain without gas and heat in the middle of winter this year! :)

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