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Signs from the Universe in Your Everyday Life

Recognize the Signs from the Universe that You Encounter in Your Everyday Life

Everyone of us at some point in our lives has been in a situation where we really wanted to know whether or not we were making the right decision, or if our choice was correct, or in what direction our life would change if we took certain action.
The good news is that you do not need to visit a psychic or a fortune-teller to get the prediction for an outcome of your choices, actions or decisions. There are pretty unambiguous signs that life itself sends you to direct, warn or encourage you.
Knowing these signs will help you to always stay on the path that you are meant to be on. Here are some of the signs you should never miss!

#1 Annoying obstacles
For example you repeatedly cannot make it to an appointment or a meeting. First, your keys get lost, then you get stuck in a traffic jam, the next time you try to make it your dog gets sick or you lose the documents that you have to bring, and/or you end up having unexpected and persistent trouble getting registered or accepted...
If it seems like life itself is designing obstacles and hampering you on your way to wherever you think you need or want to be, it probably is, except that this also means that wherever or whatever it is that you are trying to get is not meant for you in the first place. You have trouble recognizing it, as you are caught up in the situation, like a mouse in a labyrinth, but you angel or the higher powers that watch you from above have a much better vantage point of all the forks and turns and dead ends on your path. Keep that in mind the next time that the annoying and persistent wall of difficulties arises seemingly out of nowhere on your way. The higher powers may be saving your time and efforts, since after all we only have a limited time on this planet and so do not have the luxury of wasting it indefinitely exploring all the existing life directions that are not ours and persisting at the dead ends.
Did you know that there is consistent evidence that the number of people travelling on air planes which get into plane crashes is significantly smaller than the number of people on airplanes that reach their destination safely? People who avoided the plane crash  usually recall that they were stopped from getting on that particular airplane by an unusually persistent chain of “misfortunes” and obstacles, their car would break down on the way to the airport, they discovered half-way that they forgot tickets or passport at home, etc, etc. The difference between these “survivors” and the people who embarked on the unlucky journey was that the former were less stubborn, so knowingly or not, but they eventually allowed the higher powers to take control and steer them away from the catastrophe.

#2 Feelings of Joy and Satisfaction
If, on the other hand, what you are doing brings a sense of content and happiness, perhaps even in spite of what other people might be telling and advising you, this is a sign from your life itself that you are moving in the right direction and that this activity is your true calling, likely to bring you recognition, satisfaction and even make you a decent living.
A sense of discomfort and endless doubts, on the other hand, signify that your decision or your actions at the moment are not compatible with your life path and with who you are, even though from the objective point of view it may look like you are doing a sensible thing.

#3 Conversations between Strangers
A random conversation between strangers which you may overhear at a grocery store or on your way to work or school, may contain many important answers and clues for you regarding your future, and the actions that you should take now to ensure that it brings you only the best. Not all the conversations contain these clues, but if one particular conversation or its fragments seem to have attracted your unusually close attention and became somehow stuck in your memory there is a very good chance that that was meant for you to hear.
A woman started to have big problems with her hair. It become dull and began to thin. The products that she tried did not seem to help at all. Once, when she was travelling to work by bus, she ended up sitting next to two old ladies. She found the two ladies rather annoying as they were too chatty and loud. However, a fragment of their conversation got firmly trapped in her memory. The ladies were talking about some traditional remedy. The woman never believed in the traditional herbal medicines, but something about that particular medicine that was mentioned made her very curious, and so she prepared that remedy at home and tried it the very next day. Within mere days her hair became thick and shiny again!  

#4 The Written Word
Pay attention to the words and phrases that you encounter repeatedly, when reading books, newspapers, watching TV, or simply walking on the street.
A young woman, let’s call her Victoria, was considering to ask for a promotion. She was still a pretty new employee at the company, so it was taking her a long time to decide whether or not and when she could do that. One day, as she was on her way to work early in the morning, she saw a whole chain of stores and little shops, all of which had bright signs that read “Open”. This was unusual; these stores were normally closed at this early hour. Victoria decided that this meant something. She made up her mind to ask for a promotion that day. She was promoted, but also told that, had she asked for it just a day earlier, her request would have been declined.

#5 Surprising Coincidences and Events
A young man was tired of his regular job; he decided to quit it, and to instead become a freelance designer.
At first, he was very happy, the money was decent, the job was very interesting and flexible, he was his own boss and could always decide when he felt like working and when he felt like resting. Too soon however, the troubles began. The field he was working in became very competitive, the amount of contracts and assignments he received began to decline and the clients were getting progressively more demanding and unreasonable. The young man began contemplating if he should get a regular job again instead and soon found a job offer that suited him well. Despite this, he remained undecided for a long time, since the appeal of having a flexible and enjoyable job with lots of free time was still significant.
One day, as he was having a cup of coffee in the morning, his phone rang. He answered and heard a female voice. The voice was nearly screaming and accusing him of doing everything wrong, being lazy and slacking off. Eventually, the issue was resolved – the woman simply dialled the wrong number, but she did not apologize and instead said that he should “do something more productive”. The accusations, and especially the last phrase got stuck in the mind of this young man, and he decided to take it as a sign that he needs a change in his life. He applied for the regular job that he found. Never once has he regretted this decision.

 #6. Another sign is a seemingly inexplicable urge to do or not do something. Another variation of that is a strong desire to take or to not take something with you, when you are leaving on a trip for instance. Maybe that happened to you before. For example you are going shopping, but feel an odd compulsion to take a pen with you. --And then you end up in a situation when you do need that pen!

 #7 Repeating Themes
An elementary school teacher left her young daughter at home alone when her daughter got sick and went to work.
At school, one of the students showed up with his hands wrapped in bandages, the student explained that he burned himself with hot water. For some unknown reason this made the teacher think about her daughter who she left at home.
During a break, she went to the cafeteria. As she was about to leave, she heard the scream as one of the cooks overturned a container with hot water and burned herself.
That made the teacher decide to immediately go and check on her daughter. She arrived just in time to save her! Her little daughter heated up a huge container of water and was about to take it off the stove.

#8 Angel Numbers
Take note if wherever you go and wherever you look (the time on your digital clock, your papers, TV, the bills, car plates) you consistently see repeating numbers. This may also be a clue your life is giving you. Repeating numbers may contain a single repeating digit for instance 555 or 5555, 333 or 3333 or two digits in a sequence, for instance 1313 or 3113, or 5454. There may also be the perpetual ascending or descending order in numbers that you see, for instance 123 and 321 or 234, or 4321. One way to find out the general interpretations of each of these sequences or Angel numbers, as they are also called, is to search online. However, these sequences may mean something different or more specific and personal for you and your particular situation.

Is it a sign or just a coincidence?
One of the main indications that what you have encountered is indeed a sign from the universe is its persistent recurrence.
If you trip once on your way to an appointment, it might mean that you just need to be more careful. But if you keep tripping on a clear, straight road that might be a sign that continuing where you are headed might not be in your best interest.
Also, the signs your life is sending you will, in most cases, naturally attract your attention. For example, every day we hear dozens of conversations around us, but out of this great number of dialogs and random words and phrases only very few get stuck in our memory.

In the next article I will talk about how to ask for a clue or a sign from the universe.
For now, take care, and keep your eyes open for the friendly, helpful tips that your life is constantly bestowing on you as well as for the warning signs!


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