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Psychic Vampires Among Us. Energy Vampires.

Psychic Vampires Among Us

Who is a Psychic (Energy) Vampire?

We have all been in this situation: You know someone who is awfully friendly and talkative, he or she seems to enjoy your company and seek out contact with you, and upon getting it, tries to keep you trapped in a conversation for as long as possible. The only problem is that for some reason you do not reciprocate with the attitude of that person at all! In fact, you feel the exact opposite: the interaction with that somebody makes you feel exhausted, upset, annoyed, robbed of energy and emotionally drained. Possibly, by now you have begun to avoid that individual and the feeling of guilt has been added to the mix. 

The truth is that you should not be feeling guilty or bad at all! That is because chances are that you have encountered an energy vampire and by trying to avoid that person you are simply trying to unknowingly protect yourself from the loss of vital life energy that he or she is drawing out of you with every interaction!
Energy (or psychic) vampire is a person who has trouble gathering enough of the vital positive energy from the “normal”, natural, renewable and undepletable sources. These normal sources include simple joys of life like a casual walk in the park on a pleasant day, engaging in a hobby that you are passionate about, or simply eating an ice-cream! Energy vampires, being unable to get enough positive energy in this normal way, turn to preying on other people’s life energies instead!    

For example, they will trap their victim in a tiring and boring conversation, and keep him or her involved in it at all costs until their "prey" is completely exhausted and has no more energy to give, or with effort manages to escape.

Hopefully, now you see that your impression that your clingy acquaintance is literally stalking and hunting you down is not completely inaccurate, and your urge to hide at the sight of them is not unreasonable either.

It is important to mention, that we all get positive energy from interactions with others, and that is perfectly normal. But in the case with a non-energy vampire, a person who has a reserve of his or her own positivity and optimism, a human interaction becomes an exchange of energies. A vampire, on the other hand, having nothing to give and only a great need to satiate him/herself will actively draw the vitality out of you .

This idea about the existence of energy vampires may seems quite fictional, but this is not the case. The phenomenon is very real and is actually recognized by scientific disciplines, especially psychology. The process is real and does exist, except that the words “vampire” and “energy’ are often replaced by more scientific terms, which does not change the essence of the process.

Still not sure if that overly friendly neighbour is energy vampire?

Here are the Main Signs Common to These Individuals:

·      You won’t see these people in groups, energy predetors are never clustered together; it's as though they recognize that they have nothing to give to each other, so they try to avoid their own company and instead, disperse themselves among “normal” people, whose positive energy and vitality they can feed off of.

· Energy vampires love complaining. The common characteristic by which their complaints differ from complaints of others, is that it is rather apparent that they are not really seeking solutions for their problems. They seem to complain for the sake of complaining and even seem to draw some satisfaction from voicing their constant dissatisfaction to everyone who will listen. You quickly get frustrated with comforting such individuals because for one reason or another, they reject every solution and idea that you propose to them. In the end you feel like telling them that they should maybe stop talking to you of their problems altogether as they reject all your ideas and advice anyway. And again, you are right. It is the time and the energy that you spend comforting them, not your solutions and advice, that they are after. No wonder they are rejecting them.   

·      These individuals are particularly fond of gathering and sharing the most awful and unpleasant news, events and outcomes. They love savouring every detail, particularly the most unpleasant and depressing parts. 
   In every new beginning it is all the ways in which it can fail that they like to examine. The stories that they tell are designed specifically to evoke the shocked and disgusted reactions from others "Eww!" "OMG, That's terrible!" Since intense negative kinds of reactions produce much more powerful splashes of energy than the peaceful joyous ones.   
· Energy vampires seek physical contact. They will try to jokingly push you, or patronisingly tap you on the shoulder, or try to ask you for a hug even though you are not close friends, or try to unexpectedly hug you in a situation where it is not expected or appropriate.  

· Energy vampires often like arguing, they will argue with you avidly and tirelessly over most trivial things, and you often feel like telling them (or you do find yourself telling them, eventually) to just step off, drop it, that it really doesn’t matter, that they should just relax. What you may not realise is that it's very possible they do already understand at least on some level that what they argue about really doesn't matter. The subject itself may not actually bother them as much as they pretend it does. Instead they enjoy and crave the strong emotions of agitation and irritation that you are radiating as a result. By getting annoyed and frustrated you are spending your giving off great amounts of energy, and they, in turn, a feasting on it.

· Psychic vampires love to tell you what to do and how to live your life, whether or not you have actually asked for advice from them. They take particular pleasure in pointing out your mistakes, and shortcomings, completely neglecting any of your positive sides and strength.  This is the type of psychic vampirism that often takes place if the energy vampire is older or superior in position. He or she will endlessly preach and instruct how you ought to live, will inform you of at least a thousand things wrong with you that will definitely prevent you reaching any kind of even mediocre success, and will try their best to make you feel like a hopeless failure with nothing good to look forward to in your future at all, and will never cease their commentary as long as you are within earshot. 

·  Energy vampires like to make you feel obliged; They have done so much for you! They have dedicated so much time to you! Of course no one else would have wasted even a fraction of time and resources on such a small and insignificant being as you are! They are so generous and gracious! And if you are now feeling anything less than utter admiration and fascination with such a gracious human being as they are their is something seriously wrong with you! 
Often a psychic vampire will provide you with some kind of favour or present But unlike genuine help or gift, you will find little joy receiving it. On the contrary, if it's a present it feels like a totally unneeded and unwanted object and if it's "help" that they offer, it will often be an unneeded and not asked for. But energy vampires will take effort in persuading you into accepting whatever they are graciously offering you, because in reality their "help" or "favour" or "gift" is actually a link that has its only purpose in making you more accessible for energy donation to them in the future.
  ·      These individuals can’t stand remaining on their own even for a few hours. They are seeking out company, and get glued to everyone who is unfortunate enough to have started talking to them. Texting, messaging, messaging, skyping, face-timing, they will utilize anything to keep your attention on them. 

Now, after you have read these signs, I am sure you can recall at least one person you know or have known at some point in your life who fits the description. Attacks of the psychic predators are not an exceptional thing but a rather common occurrence. It can be a one-time encounter or regular attacks, if you are unlucky enough to have a psychic vampire at work or in your family. You can, however, protect yourself from these people, or at the very least reduce the loss of vital positive energy you are forced to expend in the interactions with them. 

Here are some ways to preserve your vitality and energy in interactions with psychic vampire:  

·      Do not give in to their provocations. No matter how annoyed you are, do not raise your voice or show any signs of how you are feeling as this is what an energy vampire is looking for. As you show signs of strong emotions you are starting to hand the predators your energy. On the other hand, if you contain yourself and try as much as you can to stay calm, it becomes impossible for a psychic vampire to get access to your vital resources and the interaction will die off and this time it will be the energy vampire who will be frustrated. While the energy vampire may be very intense in their attack, it is always you who has the power to stay composed and in control and so leave them empty-handed, or to relinquish it, give in to their provocations and feed them with your vital energy. Make the choice.   

·      Try to ignore the vampire as much as possible. If you are in one room with them, try to excuse yourself and leave the room, explaining, for instance, that someone is trying to call you, or you just remembered of the task that you have to attend to immediately. 

·      If you must interact with an energy vampire, cross your arms and legs, and if possible, touch your thumb to your index finger making a circle. You will be surprised: as you close your energy circles with the help of this posture and the energy stops escaping from you, the nature of interaction with the psychic predator will change also. Will quickly begin to feel better and more at ease, while the psychic predator, on the contrary, will seem less comfortable.

 Visualize that you are surrounded by a clear shimmering sphere on all sides; the sphere is protecting you from the outside world. You are in an impenetrable protective bubble. 
  If the interaction with a psychic predator is hostile or you are afraid of him or her, visualize that the sphere that's protecting you is sprouting long sharp metal thorns on the outside; now no one can as much as approach you, and you are perfectly safe inside.
·      Try not to accept presents or favours from an energy vampire, As you already know, the only purpose of these is to create a link that will attach you to the energy predator by means of a sense of obligation to interact with them. Moreover, even the object itself (if it is a material present) may bring unpleasant changes in your life, as it has a very close connection with the energy predetor.

·     Always remember that fighting the energy vampire in any way or form is the most counter-productive and harmful approach.
 Fighting, by nature, involves expenditure of energy. When you think you are fighting the energy predator, you are actually awarding him or her with a feast of your vital energy. You will notice that fighting such individual in any way or for does not repel them, but actually prolongs and intensifies the interaction with them, and, as bizarre as it sounds, ultimately strengthening and intensifying the link between the two of you.   

Remember that you are especially vulnerable to energy vampirism when you are upset or disappointed, in low mood or physically weakened by an illness or lack of sleep.  An encounter with a psychic vampire at this time can have a devastating effect on your emotional as well physical wellbeing.
Finally, remember that it does not make much sense to get angry with psychic vampires as for the most part they are very unhappy and dissatisfied, even depressed people, doomed to depend on sucking the vitality they need out of others and to unhappy or failed relationships as the result. Being constantly deprived of vitality, energy and optimism and not being able to fully enjoy simple pleasers of life they are instead having to reserve to constantly seeking out stalking and trapping unwilling, resistant victims, just to get that vital positive energy everyone needs to survive.

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