Saturday, 11 February 2017

Guided Meditation. Affirmations. My Loving, Caring, All-Powerful Life. Based on the Quantum Model of Reality

Positive Affirmations and Meditation
My Life and I. My Loving, Caring Life

In my world, everything comes to me easily and effortlessly. And also, of course, with enjoyment! It simply cannot be otherwise, since I am the only, eternally loved child of My Life, her precious one and only, and we are one with my Life!
This whole world my all-powerful Life has created for me, and for me only, and gave me it as a gift, a wonderful toy to play with and enjoy!
My Life, endlessly, infinitely and unconditionally loves me and so presents me with such gifts!
It goes without saying then, that endless lucky coincidences and instant resolutions of all kinds of tasks and undertakings of mine, whatever they are, is a norm in my life. 
As well, My Life simply loves fascinating me with all kinds of perks and gratuities. She does this for me all the time! Life forever, ceaselessly cares about Me, not letting any problems anywhere near me. Sometimes it happens, that small hiccups slip through, but they are solved easily and playfully, I pop them like soap bubbles! And indeed, why should I care, when all I have to do is inwardly let my Life know, and she will solve everything for me, instantly and perfectly!

As soon as I tell My Life “Life, dear, there’s something here that I dislike” she instantly resolves and settles everything for me in the best possible way! My life does everything for me to enjoy my existence; her only joy and goal being to make me happy and pleased and to take good care of me!  My life, of course, loves me unconditionally, but I still regularly express gratitude to My Life, to make her feel even better yet, about all that she constantly does for me!
All that I want, my Life caringly and timely provides and bestows me with, and me and My Life are enjoying this together!
And if I sometimes do not receive something that I think I want, then that is only because My Life has prepared for me something that’s much better, since she knows me even better than I know myself! Indeed, how can it be otherwise, as I am her only eternally loved child! And we are one!
In such rare cases I try not to get too sulky or too upset. I simply wait calmly: what kind of amazing and wonderful gift has my life prepared for me instead? And My Life invariably presents this fabulous gift to me very shortly thereafter and we enjoy it together!
Because the only purpose and joy for My Life is to take good care of me, and make me happy!
My Life easily, swiftly and smoothly does everything for me! Of course, since she is almighty and all-powerful! There isn’t anything that’s impossible for her! And all this omnipotence of hers is for me and at my service.
And this world is my toy. In it, stars shine for me, birds sing for me, cute animals adore me, nature amazes and inspires me, and tasty delicacies bring me pleasure of their taste. My Life loves me so much, that she found so many kinds of different and truly ingenuous ways to make me enjoy! Through taste, smell, sight, touch, intellectually and emotionally, through excitement and relaxation she constantly brings me joy and pleasure. My Life is truly ingenuous and all-powerful! How can I not be grateful to her for all that?
In this world, which My Life has created for me and for my enjoyment, My Life does not for one moment leave me alone; she is always here, with me, hugs me gently by the shoulders, listens in to my thoughts and wishes and makes sure that everything is well and good and enjoyable for me. As soon as I say to My Life in my thoughts “Life, dear, I want that and I want it this way” she promptly and lovingly responds: “Of course my beloved, let it be exactly the way you want!” And She immediately bestows the desired object or circumstance upon me. But she may also say “My love, I have something much better in store for You, instead!” Do you want to see what it is and get it now?”
 --“Of course I do!”
There is nothing more enjoyable for My Life than when I am delighted and overjoyed by her amazing gifts! And this is natural, since my joy is her joy! And all these fant
astic gifts that she hands me, each one of them is more amazing than the one before! Because Life is all-powerful and her imagination and industriousness in pleasing and delighting me truly have no limits! She knows better than anyone else, even myself, when and how best to amaze and surprise me to the fullest!
Naturally, there is no need for me in this world to ask anyone but my own Life for anything! I only need to tell my life, either in my thoughts or out loud what I want and need and She will gladly, swiftly and ingenuously arrange and bring about all that I’ve asked of her for me and do it in the most ideal way!  For I am my Life’s precious darling, her sole purpose, meaning, love and joy, and we are one!
I am either comfortably seated in the arms of my life, or walking with Her hand-in-hand in a complete, everlasting state of calm certitude and confidence. And how can it possibly be otherwise? My Life is capable of everything! She is omnipotent. All the so-called “difficulties” for her, is just a feeble fence made of playing cards, which she easily and swiftly blows off from our way that we make together, with one faint breath, and she usually does this before I even have a chance to notice any of these obstacles in the distance. 
For me of course, it is no surprise that Life takes such limitless, eternal loving care of me, making my existence so pleasant and delightful and carefree, making all my dear wishes come true and constantly presenting me with wonderful gifts and fabulous and delightful surprises. That’s simply the norm of my life, its nature, a way of my life; the only way it can possibly be. But I still try not to forget to express gratitude to My Life often, since My Life feels so delighted when I do, even though she does not in any way expect gratitude from me. I am her only, limitlessly beloved precious.  I love her dearly in tern and I receive great joy from knowing how much she enjoys my thanks and gratitude, and so I continue to express gratitude to My Life.
Me and my wise, ideal, almighty Life, who has created this world for me, love each other endlessly and genuinely, like no one else does.  It is the utmost delight to be eternally and endlessly loved by My Life and to endlessly and eternally love my wise, ideal and all-powerful Life in turn!
My Life knows of course, that I love feeling like a genius at times, so she naturally made it so that all the subjects that I encounter in my studies are both easy and interesting for me at the same time. Good grades come naturally and effortlessly seemingly on their own to me.  And how can it be any different, if the whole illusion of this world has been created by My Life solely for the purpose of my enjoyment and entertainment! Life has designed in this world a perfect balance for me between ease and interest! It is amazing how marvelously and ingeniously She does this! How grateful I am to You for this, my dear Life! Only You are able to design it all so wonderfully and perfectly!
No doubt, sometimes I get cocky: “What a genius I am! How intelligent!” But deep inside I certainly always am aware, that it is my beloved, almighty Life who has taken such good care of me. And this is really so. I may brag outwardly, but inside, I feel gratitude to My Life all the while! And she gently and lovingly looks at these childish displays of mine with a smile. Naturally so, because there only exists pure love between me and My Life, and no other feeling besides authentic and pure love is possible between us. My Life infinitely and unconditionally loves me in all my expressions, be it cockiness, mischief or anything else. And of course I love My Life endlessly and eternally too. My Life and me are one!
My Life is overjoyed when I am overjoyed, even if this joy comes from cockiness, committing an innocent mischief, or any other such emotion. My Life also deeply feels my gratitude and that makes her so glad!
Sometimes, I get carried away by something in this world, the world that My Life has so caringly and ingeniously created for my enjoyment, and so I rush in that direction headfirst without looking. But My Life never for a moment takes Her eyes off me; She is always here, always hugging me, always inseparable from me. And in these moments, when I am dashing headfirst into something, she flies alongside with me so that she could instantaneously catch me should I slip or trip, so that I don’t fall and don’t hurt myself. And at this, just like at anything else, she always succeeds. And indeed, it is natural, since My Life is almighty and all-powerful!
As well, for the reason of her omnipotence and perfection My Life always sees in advance all the dangerous, hapless and unlucky paths there are, and she never allows me to take them. Unlike her, I cannot foresee all that will be, and for that reason, at least up until now, I would oftentimes forget about
the endless and infinite care of My Life for Me in her every maneuver and action, and would begin to get naughty and sullen and upset over not being able to take that certain direction I intended. But if I get upset, My Life, ever so loving and caring, will always comfort Me and will distract Me with some fantastic and delightful surprise, and often not just one, but more, and so charming and wonderful will these surprises be, that the fact that My Life has prevented Me from travelling down a certain curious but dangerous path, will abandon my mind completely and will be fully displaced by joy and happiness from this new present; and so before long, I am again quite happy and eternally grateful to My Life. That’s when I remember that My Life, infinitely, endlessly and unchangingly loves and cares for Me. And that means that the fact that she had gently and kindly barred my way somewhere could only be for My own good! This makes me again feel passionate appreciation and thanks for My Life and all that it does for me, ceaselessly and tirelessly. And My Life feels this gratitude of mine strongly, and that makes Her so very joyous and delighted!
All that My Life can feel for me is unconditional Love towards me; nothing but unconditional love, no matter what I do or think. And I love Her just as genuinely and dearly on my part!
What pure happiness and delight it is to be ardently, genuinely, eternally and unconditionally loved by My own Life! The wisest, all-powerful, and most gentle and caring! And to love her in return: to bestow warm fondness and gratitude upon her! And all My Life wants is my love and all she is concerned with is my happiness, joy, and pleasure, and nothing else. Because this whole world she created so tenderly just for me.
Me, and My all-powerful, wisest, ideal and nurturing Life love each other limitlessly and infinitely and we are both utterly happy in this! And it truly cannot be otherwise, since all that truly exists is My Life, Myself, and our love. And altogether it is Happiness.
Sometimes, at least up until now, I would get stubborn, and instead of allowing My Life to comfortably and safely hold Me and carry me in Her arms and take me wherever I wish, I would try to walk on my own feet as much as I could, refusing any help from My Life. My Life would of course always continue to stay by my side, hug me gently, but since She would try to please me in my stubborn desire to do it all on my own, She would not fully support me, either.
It was often difficult to walk without the support of my Life. It would oftentimes be troublesome and tiring and rather nasty to move through this world in such a way, unaided; but I would get so caught up in my attempts to do so, that I would often forget that all I really needed to do is ask My Life to take me back in Her arms, upon which she would gladly lift me up that moment and gently and smoothly carry me in her loving arms onwards wherever I wished with Her.
And so My caring and devoted Life would fly next to me, still guarding me at all times, but not knowing whether she should already take me in Her arms, for She would clearly see, know, and feel that I was not enjoying walking on my own in the slightest any longer, and that this endeavor I took upon myself was making Me tired, frustrated and miserable.
Or if She should go on letting me continue persisting on my own, since I hadn’t asked her for any help yet.
It had been extremely hard and painful for My Life to watch and feel my misery, frustration, tiredness and anger and resentment, and yet not hear me ask her for help! All while she would remain by my side, this whole time, burning to help Me. Very great pain and suffering I had caused My Life with such attitude of mine! I will try my best, from now on, not to ever act in this way again! As soon as anything comes up, I will simply jump into her arms right away! “Life! Dear! Go on and carry me lightly, swiftly, and with joy and pleasure! And upon hearing this, Life will immediately and effortlessly lift me in her arms and happily carry me with her wherever I wish! Or perhaps I will decide to not ever leave My Life’s gentle arms at all, and will just let her carry me always, not least because My Life Herself enjoys it so very much! For making my existence happy, joyful and delightful is her meaning and purpose and felicity!
In this world, in order to get anything that I want, I need to only ask My Life for it, express my wish to Her, either silently, in my thoughts, or aloud. “I want that! Life, dear, give me it!” And she will gladly give it to me, whatever it is, that moment.
Anything that I want, and anything that should be done for me, My Life will do for me promptly and perfectly!
It cannot possibly be any other way, because this whole world, no matter how mighty and intimidating it may seem at times, is only just an illusion which My Life has created for Me, with the sole purpose of my amusement and pleasure in mind!
All that really exists is My Life and I, and we are one. There is also infinite, eternal, endless, genuine and unconditional love that My Life and I feel for each other and it wraps around us like the softest finest blanked. And all this together is Happiness.

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