Sunday, 29 January 2017

Transurfing. Vadim Zeland. The Author.

About The Author of Transurfing  
Vadim Zeland is 55 years of age. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union he did research in quantum physics, then engaged in computer technologies and now is a full-time author of over 12 books about Transurfing. 
He is Russian by nationality, 3/4th Russian and 1/4th Estonian to be precise. He lives in Russia. 
The rest, as he says, should be of no interest to the reader, nor this information, either. 
Vadim Zeland avoids public attention. His name Vadim Zeland is most likely his pen-name only. Whenever he does appear on camera, Vadim Zeland invariably wears dark glasses. "As soon as you share your personal life, it stops being personal" he says. 
It is speculated by some, that Vadim Zeland lives in Zelenogorsk, next to Kaliningrad (the Russian enclave in Europe), hence his pen-name Zeland. 

The only photo of Vadim Zeland without dark glasses:

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