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Part 1. Introduction to Transurfing. Our Destiny.

Part 1
Introduction to Transurfing: Our destiny
There are many different theories about the nature of destiny. One of them says that destiny is the same as fate, something that is predetermined. No matter how you try, you can’t escape your destiny. On the one hand, such an interpretation can be depressing in its hopelessness. If a person’s destiny is not one of the better ones, then there’s no hope at all for improvement. But, on the other hand, there are always people who are content with such a state of affairs. After all, it’s reliable and comforting when the future is more or less predictable and doesn’t scare you with uncertainty.
And yet, the fatal inability to escape own destiny can evoke feelings of discontent and inner protest. One feels cheated, out of luck and so, one starts complaining: why is life so unfair? One person has everything in excess, while the other is constantly in need. Everything comes easy to one person, while another runs round and round like a mouse in a wheel, getting absolutely nowhere. One person is gifted with beauty, intelligence and strength, whereas another, unaware of what sin he is paying for, is labeled as a second- class citizen throughout his entire life. Why this injustice? Why does life, with its infinite variety, put limitations on certain groups of people? Why are those that are less fortunate at fault?
A deprived person would feel resentment and would certainly try to find some sort of explanation to why things are the way they are. And then all kinds of teachings pop up, like the one where they teach you that you have bad karma and that you are paying for terrible sins committed in your past lives. As if, the Lord has nothing better to do than to foster his careless children! Nevertheless, it appears that despite His almighty power, He experiences difficulties with this particular method of fostering. Instead of punishing people for sins in this life, God for some unknown reason, postpones retribution until later. However, one might wonder what point there is in punishing someone for things they do not remember.
There is another version that tries to explain why there are inequalities in the world. This version gives hope, as it promises almost immediate compensation to those that are suf- fering and that are in need. Yet, again, you will be rewarded somewhere in heaven or in another life. No matter how you look at it, explanations like these are not entirely satisfying. It is not even important whether these past and future lives exist or not, because a person is only aware of and remembers this one particular life. Thus, in a sense it is his only life.
If you believe that your fate is predetermined, then the only way to avoid depression would be to surrender and accept your fate as it is. And, as always, there will be new ex- planations to why you just cannot be suc- cessful “You want to be happy? Be happy!” Remain an optimist, and be satisfied with what you have. Certain people make it clear to you that you are unhappy because you are always dissatisfied and because you simply want too much. In addition, you can only be happy by definition - that is you are happy because you are happy. You need to take joy in life. So, you kind of agree, but at the same time it’s a bit awkward to meet bleak reality with joy and happiness. Do you really have no right to want something more out of life? Why force yourself to be happy when you’re not? It’s just as impossible as it is forcing yourself to love.
So-called “enlightened” individuals who are busy calling for universal love and forgiveness constantly surround us. If you want to avoid harsh reality, you can put this illusion on like a blanket over your head, and sure enough, you will feel a little better. But deep down inside, you wouldn’t be able to under- stand completely, why you should be forgiving people you hate or loving those you are indifferent to? What’s the use? After all, it wouldn’t be a natural happiness, but a forced one. As if joy should not be coming to you by itself, but rather it should be squeezed out of you, like toothpaste out of the tube.
Of course, there are people who don’t believe that life is so boring and primitive that it leads to one predetermined fate. They don’t want to be satisfied with what they have, and instead prefer to take joy in their achieve- ments and not in the situation they are in. For these people, there is yet another con- ception of fate: “Man forges his own happi- ness.” Well, and as we know, we have to struggle to achieve happiness. And how could it be any other way? “Smart” people say that nothing comes easy. It would seem like an irrefutable fact: if you don’t want to accept the happiness as it is, then you need to elbow your way to your own happiness.
History lessons tell us of how bravely the heroes have fought and how they were sacri- ficing themselves, fighting day and night, overcoming unthinkable obstacles. Those that won the battle were greatly rewarded, but only after enduring immense burdens and great losses of constant struggle. But, that’s not the whole story. Millions fight and toil, but only a handful actually succeed. You could waste your entire life on a desperate struggle for a place in the sun, and all could still be in vain. Why is this life so cruel and hopeless?
What a burdensome requirement it is – to have to fight the world so that you can make your own happiness. And if the world doesn’t give in, then you have to fight yourself. If you’re so poor, sick, ugly and unhappy – it’s your own fault. You have many flaws and there- fore, you must change. Man is faced with the fact that from the very beginning of his life, he was nothing but an assortment of flaws and defects, which require constant and hard effort, if he is to even dream of happiness. A depressing picture, is it not? It would seem that if a man didn’t get lucky from the beginning and he was not born in a wealthy and happy family, then his lot is either to humbly bear his cross or dedicate his whole life to a never-ending struggle. Somehow, it doesn’t feel right rejoicing in a life like that. Is everything really that hopeless and is there no light in sight?

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