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The Power Of Thought in Reaching Your Dream Life (+Video)

The Power Of Thought in Reaching Your Dream Life (+Video)
All people in this world can be divided into two categories: The first one is Receivers, and the second one is Broadcasters or Transmitters.

Receivers are occupied with consuming the information about and generated by other people’s lives, events, activities and actions. They watch the movies of other people’s lives most of the time, instead of designing and creating their own fulfilling life scenarios.  The overwhelming majority of people, especially in our modern world are pure receivers.

Broadcasters, or transmitters, on the other hand, create their own life scenarios. They create their own reality around themselves. There are very few people, who can be called broadcasters in our modern world.
But you have the ability, to transform yourself from a receiver to an active broadcaster, and by this, you will gain a unique advantage, that all receivers lack: You will acquire the ability to create and design your own reality around you!
The movie of your life, that you see in your everyday reality, is the movie tape that you play in your head, in other words in your mind’s movie projector.

What you paint on your life canvas is what you will see. The only problem is that most people do the exact opposite! What they see is what they paint on their life canvas!

Do you see the difference?

A wealthy person, when they wake up in the morning, sees the luxurious elegant surroundings, he receives his breakfast in his bed, he then goes to the balcony with a splendid view and thinks to himself “It wouldn't be bad to sail on my yacht today! Or maybe I should go on a trip to the Alpes?”
This way, he re-affirms his delightful reality.

A poor person’s concerns are totally different: His mind is occupied with problems, he is sick and tired of everything, he constantly dwells on his problems, and he simply cannot see anything else around him. He looks into his wallet, counts the money, and gauges what he will have to deny himself and cut back on to last till the end of the month until another paycheck with the little money that he has.  So he too re-affirms his reality, the scenario of his life movie. 

Both of these people paint in their thoughts what they see in front of them.
But in the case with these two, they are not the ones who decided to insert those movie-tapes into their heads. In their case these two different movie-tapes ended up in each of their heads by chance. With the first person happening to be much luckier with the content of their videotape, than the second one, with the movie-tape he received. 
However, both of them live by the same principle: what I see is what I think about, and then what I think about is what I see, and so on round and round, in a cycle.
Meanwhile, everything can change in an instant both for the rich and for the poor man! In the movie theater called life anything can happen, both the good and the bad. The main question is how close to heart a life event is going to be taken and how much value and importance a particular person is going to assign to it. 
If it happens so that the wealthy person sees signs of possible upcoming troubles in his life, and that begins to disturb and bother him deeply, if he then becomes afraid of bankruptcy and of losing everything he has, what happens then? Then, unwillingly and unknowingly he inserts a negative movie-tape into his movie-projector in his mind. The negative videotape begins to paly in his mind’s movie projector and his negative expectations begin to materialize!
On the other hand, if a poor man sees that things are beginning to improve and move into a positive direction, little by little, he may get inspired, he then finally notices, that new opportunities have opened up before him, he begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and begins to believe that he is capable of overcoming his poverty. And quite soon, his reality begins to give in to his new attitude and change because in the movie projector in his mind there is now a positive videotape playing!
So, what is the point of all this?
Circumstances control people. An unfortunate circumstance is capable of throwing a person off and firmly inserting a negative videotape into his or her head!
The same is true for luck and good fortune: it comes and goes, as something external, out of an individual’s personal control. This happens because a person is not being the boss of his move projector! Whatever videotape happens to get stuck in their head is what that person keeps replaying, passively and mindlessly.
Thoughts are something that people are not used to controlling. We have learned how to control our actions well enough, but when it comes to our thoughts – we don’t have that skill. It is much easier to force oneself to do something, than to force oneself to think of something particular for an extended period of time, right?
Now, imagine yourself walking down the street with some definite purpose in mind. Suddenly, a stranger walks up to you, takes you buy the hand and easily and effortlessly takes you wherever he wishes instead, and you obediently and passively follow him there. Seems unreal? Yet this is exactly what happens with your thoughts!
You need to become the master and the boss of your mind’s movie projector!
Play the videotape of what you want to see happening in your life, and not of what you see happening now, if that does not satisfy you.
By controlling the flow of your thoughts you control your reality. Look around: the majority of people are in a state of perpetual mindless daydream, these people are like receivers of some video program, which are being transmitted into their mind from somewhere else and by someone else. They watch someone else’s movie; you, on the other hand, need to become a broadcaster a creator and designer of your own movie for your mind’s movie projector!
The reality will likely not change immediately. At first, you will likely find yourself watching the same dull old movie.
However, with persistence, you will soon begin to notice that the dull, old movie is beginning to acquire new, brighter and more satisfying features. This is the way that the thoughts materialize!
The only condition that you have to keep in mind though, is this; In order for your new, brighter vision to materialize, you will need to regularly, persistently, and for a reasonable amount of time, keep your attention focused on playing, broadcasting the movie of your new life in your mind!

 In the next video, we will discuss in greater detail, what the so-called “movie” or “movie tape” in your mind really is and how to design these so-called movies or movie-tapes so that they are especially effective at materializing into your life quickly and effectively!

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