Sunday, 1 May 2016

My Exotic Plant Onion / Hero Onion

The Hero Onion Story

This onion impressed me with its great desire to live, so I kept it as a houseplant. 
It lay in a bowl with other onions in a dark section of the cupboard with no water, and the only time it saw the light of day was whenever the cupboard door was opened for a few seconds when something was taken out of that cupboard. And yet, though water and sunlight are the two crucial elements for photosynthesis (which is breathing to a plant), it managed to grow a few green leaves! They were small and feeble, but they were there! What a strong onion and what great desire for life!
When I saw this, I took the onion out from the cupboard and provided it with water and light. Look how big its leaves have grown now after just a few days! 

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