Friday, 23 January 2015

Elena Komleva Photos

The photograph I made of my make-up. It actually required a lot of editing, to achieve the desired bright colours, the white of the background and the bright blue of the items. (In reality the blue and white are bright but that did not quite transfer onto the photo. 
In one of our courses we will ne reqored to create an add using Adobe Photoshop, though this was not done with Adobe, it was a bit of practice still. And yes, my latest makeup and perfume items all hapened to be blue (minus the Bonjour mirror :) , which was cool for a photo like that. I know it is not perfect as the photo is pretty low-rez iphone photo, and the photoshop program I was using is not advanced, but I like the result I managed to achieve, still! 
Bu the way, I van't help but mention:
There are TEN THOUSAND and one hundred people who follow me on Instagram. Thank you guys, I appreciate!

And I will post a couple of my latest instagram photos here. 
My new wintercoat and... me in purple : )


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