Friday, 12 December 2014

Elena Komleva Photo


  1. Why are you posting pictures of Natalia Vodianova on your instagram as yourself? You are gorgeous, you don't need to pretend to be someone else

  2. There is a writer Stephen King, who is famous for writing horror novels that everyone buys. As a writer, other writers trash him as someone who has no skill, does not write prose or properly and takes away from there obvious talent. Stephen King doubted himself and thus published a series of books to see if he would still be as famous, if his writing was actually skill and not some luck. Those books failed miserably, his writing it turned out was luck, but as he noted so were most things in life. When you publish pictures of other models as yourself, such as that of Natalia Vodianova you have as your instagram picture I understand why you do it. And when people comment telling you how great you look, on a picture that is obviously not you, but to them they are too blind to see, I can see how that probably hurts. People are idiots yes, but we are often successful because of our luck and our timing. You are beautiful and you have many of the skills needed to be a successful model, do't hide behind others. - Tyler

    1. This is ME on this photo. On instagram I have a photo of Natalia Vodianova, and it says under the photo "My model LOOK-ALIKE" if all people are interested in is just photos and don't read the titles and think it is me, it is not my problem, I won't correct every single comment saying "it's not me" "actually, it's not me" "no, it is not me" that is going to look very lame. Our looks are similar, and if they are so similar that others confuse us, then it is funny and amusing. That's it, there is nothing more to it and you don't say someone is pretending to be someone else when they have two hundred real photos of themselves and one photo of a different model, under which they mention that it is not them.