Friday, 19 September 2014

My trip to Russia. Part 7. Ekaterinburg

My Trip to Russia. Part VII Ekaterinburg

The House of Music

The estate of the richest merchant in Ekaterinburg. He loved to party and drink, they said during the parties there fortunes were lost gambling and drunk merchants washed their horses with champagne

Popov, the inventor of the radio!

Residence of Vladimir Putin in Ekaterinburg

Iset river

The Damb (on Iset river. The centre of the city).

I forgot the significance of this building, but one of the things that makes it unique is its architectural style...

Cathedral "On the Blood", at the place where the last Russian emperor Nikolay II and his family lived and were killed. 

The last walk of Nicholas II and his family as they descend the stairs to the dungeons where they were shot.

Prince Alexis, the son of Nicholas II, and his mother Alexandra Feodorovna

The exact place where the last emperor of Russia Nikolay II and his family was killed. The little wooden chapel at that spot.

Fountain "Planet Earth"

City Administration Building

Vladimir Lenin

Old Airport building

New Airport buildings

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