Saturday, 26 March 2016

Attacked by Cows

Attacked by Cows!
They say it is rare. They say when it does happen there's a barking dog involved.
Either all that isn't true, or I am especially "lucky" and have a supreme talent of annoying and provoking humans and non-humans alike (that part I suspected for a long time ;), but a few days ago (namely Sunday March 16th) we got attacked by a herd of cows! For no reason. Well, actually, I wanted to have a picture taken with them, and not the lame one that I posted here on the right, where the cows are so far away, but a cool one where I'm right next to one or a few of those biggies, stroking them or feeding, or feeding and stroking… Or at least me in front of a bunch of them grouped together and making a nice cow background…
So my friend and I kept approaching those peaceful bovines one by one or small groups of them, with the phone at the ready, hoping to make a nice shot. But surprisingly, each and every one of these biggies was proving really bashful, and shied away from us every time we attempted to come closer than a few meters to it and take a photo.
So we kept approaching and the animals kept fleeing… (That behaviour of theirs did not make sense at all actually, after all aren't the cows domestic animals, created (bred to look (and taste) the way they do) by humans and for humans, and don't they spend all their lives living side by side with humans? So a cow's life is all about humans pretty well, and yet these particular animals at least seemed so scared of humans… That made no sense at all..
So, the irrational bashful behaviour of these animals went on for about 10 minutes, after which, unexpectedly, all of a sudden, our wish to have them grouped together and unafraid of us came true! -In quite an unforeseen way.
I can't describe the "breathtaking details" of how exactly it happened and at what exact point, because everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly, but, yes, at one point, in literally just one second, the shy, peaceful biggies all grouped together (and I mean every single one of them, and there was over a dozen!) and charged at us!!
At the beginning, even as I saw the whole herd of them running towards us, I still could not believe what was happening. Like hey, are you for real? These fat bulky munchers and milk-producers are actually attacking us now?? Seriously?!?
But yeah,  they were serious :). And we had to run for our lives… through dirt and snow and bushes and all.
What saved us?
Well, someone decided to daw a thin wire to separate these cows from the rolls of fresh hey, so that they don't much it all up before they are supposed to. The wire was very thin, but it was exactly at their chest-level, so the cows could not either step over or bend and walk under it.
One thin wire drawn at the level that's just right is all it took to stop a herd of  over a dozen 1000 pound animals! How ingenious!
So the thin wire meant to save the hey, in addition, saved two humans that day!
As for us, we then had to climb over the barbed fence as well, because taking the normal path to the highway would have meant going back towards the cows…
So… Cows do attack people! And yes, maybe it is only people like me (or us!) that these generally slow and chill animals attack, but still! That means, all the same, that
Cows Do Attack People! :-O
Have a good day and take care everyone! (and yes remember from this that the danger is always where you least expect it!

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  1. I always thought cows were happy all the time!