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The Ranetki-Girls! 

Why watch TV, if you can find so many amazing movies online?
If you know Russian, one of these movies would definitely be the Ranetki-girls!
I am now glued to the computer screen much of the time!
That's because I missed out in 2008: The movie "Ranetki" began, back in Russia.
It was pretty popular, about a group of five girls.

*    sweet and romantic Anna,
*    determined brunette Natasha, 
*    red-headed nerdy Zhenya, 
*    down-to-earth, tall blonde baseball-player Lena
*    adventurous and spontaneous blonde Lera (she will later leave the movie, unfortunately).
By the way, the names of the actresses in the movie are the same as the girls' real names. In fact, these girls are actually not professional actresses:
The producer of the movie saw this group of young girls and their band during an audition, and got an idea to make a movie about just that: the regular life of young people, with all of its joys and problems, as well as about the people surrounding them: their parents and teachers and friends. 
The personalities of the five characters also more-or-less match the personalities of the girls who are playing them…
In the movie, the five girls who go to high school together are trying to create a music band which they call "Ranetki" (Ranetki [Ranetka-singular] are tiny, sweet red apples, about the size of a cherry, that grow on trees all through winter). At the same time, each one of the girls has her own life with its ups and downs and uncertainties, and school-ralated as well as personal and romantic problems that she has to figure out... and, of course, the relationships between the five girls within the group itself are not always so easy and smooth either!
Definitely lots of stuff going on in the movie, never boring or drawn-out! 
I actually had no intention of watching the movie, just wanted to check out one episode to see what it's about in general, but it proved to be so engaging and interesting I am now watching season 2 of it already (in total there's 5, so still enough for me to watch at this point :). I even shared the movie with my mom, she liked it a lot as well (which doesn't happen often) and sometimes watches it now too; so I guess it really is for everyone! 
The real music band called Ranetki with these girls was later created as well!
If you decided you have to see it,  HERE you can watch the all the episodes and seasons of th movie for free! 

Here's one song by Ranetki-girls featuring episodes from the movie:


Zhenya  Ranetka




Lera-Ranetka later began a solo career as Lera Lera:

Some songs by Ranetki-girls:

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