Friday, 15 January 2016

Quick and Easy Fortune-Telling by a Book

All You Need to Tell your Future is a Book...

Have you ever felt like doing a bit of magic, namely some fortune-telling to get an answer to the question that has been bothering you for a while, or just for the fun of it, but thought you did not have the necessary magic "tools and equipment" for that?
Well, I have a really quick and easy method for you that does not require you to have any crystal balls, wands, or magic potions!
All that you need is a regular book! 
Take any book that you like (preferably not a textbook though).
First, ask the book your question.
Then, think of the two numbers that you think may be likely to answer that question. 
The first number will be the number of the page in your book which you will need to go to to have your question answered, and the second number is the number of the line on that page.
Now find the page and the line and read what it says!

Once, when I was younger and we were first considering moving to another country, I asked my favourite book a question : "Am I leaving my school and my country?" And guess my book answered me! "Yes. But that does not mean you shouldn't study" (!) Of course, I cannot promise such a definite and coherent answer in your case, but try to make an interpretation from the words and the general mood of the sentence or phrase that you'll see. Is its tone positive or negative? Is it an affirmation or a negation? 

Just try it!

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