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Your style and appearance after you turn 25 years old. What you should and shouldn't do after you turn 25. The 25 things you should and shouldn't do after your 25th birthday.

The 25 Do-s and Don't-s After You Turn 25

Do you know that psychologists have officially extended the age of the end of adolescence from 18 to 25?
So no, you are no longer an adult at 18, instead, you have a whole 7 years more to be a careless immature kid.
Surely, after that much additional carefree time of youth, you should be craving some change!
So, once you do turn 25, the new, mature, and sophisticated way of life should feel like a breath of fresh air, rather than a burdensome new responsibility!
Being an adult and abiding by the new unsaid rules and expectations is actually easy and fun, but at the same time, if you choose to ignore these, you run the risk of coming across as inappropriate, tasteless and even ridiculous.
So what are these rules and expectations? Let me sum them all up for you in The 25 Do-s and Don't-s After You Turn 25!

Part 1: Personal Appearance and Style.


1)Don't wear lower garments that are too short and upper garments showing your belly-button even if you are in great shape
    -or even if it is very hot outside!
When you've turned 25 it is time to say goodbye to ultra-short mini-skirts, dresses and shorts, or people may get the wrong message concerning your morals or even your way of making a living! But really, you had 25 years to get attention for your body alone, isn't it finally time to capture it with something other than your legs? And believe me, there are plenty of beautiful and stylish shorts and tops for the hot weather that are respectable and age-appropriate at the same time!

2)Stop shopping at stores like American Eagle, Garage, Ardine's, etc. In other words, stop shopping at the stores whose target customers are 15 year old teenagers! That is where all the ultra-short belly-button-revealing and just plain teenage-style clothes that we talked about in my previous point come from. Dressing at stores like Garage and American eagle it is next to impossible to look like anything other than an adult who can't come to terms with their age!

3)Don't wear leggings if your top isn't long enough to cover your butt. By 25 your self-respect should be way too high for that!

4)Don't wear graphic T-s with silly quotes and jokes. Let people read these online or in magazines and not across your chest. At 25 your body has earned more respect than that! 

5)Do not obsessively follow and buy out all the latest fashion trends. Let the teenagers waste their pocket money on that and then show these off to one another. At 25 you have more important things to do with your life.

6)Do not wear your hair a weird, uncertain colour, brassy yellow, or a crazy colour like pink or blue. Young adolescents may not have the finances for a hairdresser and/or may not realize that once you've coloured your hair (especially if your colour of choice is blonde), it then needs regular maintenance, but you are now too old for this kind of ignorance! 
So no excuse for having orange instead of blonde, or a totally unidentifiable colour, as well as uneven colouring or grown out roots. (Leave the dramatic ombre look for the adolescents to experiment with as well.)If you want to change your colour either go to the hairdresser, or leave your natural colour be. Even grey hair looks better than a bad dyeing job

7)Don't wear a ton of makeup. Insecure teenage girls do that when they want attention of teenage boys. By 25 you should respect your own face enough not to conceal it beneath a thick layer of makeup. If you still cover your face with a ton of bright makeup, you are practically making your insecurities visible from a mile away!

8) Don't wear cheap jewellery made of plastic, fake gold or silver, or rubber band-bracelets. Don't wear jewellery that's too massive or clanky, or too much jewellery. Either wear an elegant genuine piece, or don't wear anything at all. No jewellery is better than bad jewellery.

9) Don't wear manicure in crazy, out of this world colours like neon green, bright blue or purple. As well, leave sparkles, jewels and crazy bright prints on your nails for the younger people to play with! Stick to softer, more classic tones, like soft pink and beige. The only colour that's bright that looks organic and classic on your fingernails is red!

10) Don't wear clothes that is less than clean, clothes that is faded, or stretched, or just clearly too old and worn out.

11)Stop buying those cutesy, funny and "simply adorable" items be it a key-ring, a wallet, a piece of "jewellery" or a phone case or anything else. These items only look cute and adorable in a store, or in the hands of a young teenager; in the hands of your 25-year-old self they will magically turn from cute and fun to ridiculous!

12)Know that plastic badges, funny key chains and similar youngster-stuff on your backpack is a no-no at your sophisticated age!

13)Don't wear something just because it is "still wearable". Wear it proudly and love it, or give it up to someone who needs some extra clothes way more than you do!


14) Make sure that the makeup that you do wear stays perfect on your face. No lines of
eyeshadow collected in the creases of your eyelids, no smudged mascara or remains of lipstick on your lips after you've licked the rest of it off with your lunch. Do take care of how your makeup looks and make sure it looks presentable at all times!

15) Carry a makeup bag and a small pocket mirror with you, so you can touch up your maquillage any time!   

16) Take care if you use nail polish.
After you turn 25 wearing nail polish becomes a kind of commitment: either your nails are painted properly and kept in proper condition onwards, or you don't wear nail polish at all.

17) Give preference to simpler, more classic designs and prints over
extravagant, over-complicated styles and models in clothing, jewellery, hairstyle, anything.

18) Get comfortable wearing sophisticated, classy style! That might not be as easy as it sounds, especially if you've only been wearing hoodies, jeans and T-s up until now!

19) Get used to, and get to feel comfortable in high heels. Practice walking in them until your walk becomes confident and looks effortless from the outside. You may discover that not too many women actually have that skill!

20) Know that God is in the Details!

21) Begin to take care of your body, if you haven't been already. Pause and think about stuff before you put it in your mouth. Eat healthy, and know that the only good reason to
start eating is real physical hunger, not boredom, not stress, not the TV screen turned on. Another integral ingredient to a healthy body is to-

22) -exercise regularly. Go to the gym a few times a week. Just look at it as another added responsibility of being an adult! -And a way to produce endorphins and feel great in your body, of course!

23) Start to appreciate quality over quantity. One gorgeous, classy cashmere sweater wins hands-down over three bleak hoodies that the Garage store has recently put on sale 'cause no one wants them to begin with!  

24) Wear elegant, quality lingerie, even if you know no one is going to see it! Try it, and feel for yourself the difference what you wear under your clothes makes!

25) Do remember that the first impression counts, and make it a good one! 

In the next post we will look at the second, equally important part of being an adult, which is the psychological part, Attitudes and Behaviours! Coming Soon!

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