Friday, 27 June 2014

What to Do

What to do...

So, on the 18th of July, which is 3 weeks from now, I am leaving for Russia, where I'm going to stay until September and the beginning of the next session.
However, there are still three weeks left until that happens.
The problem is that I am not sure what to do in these 3 weeks at all.
Is, perhaps, finding a part-time job a good idea, if it is only going to be for three weeks?
Volunteering also takes time to arrange and requires at least a couple of months' commitment…
I will look, but I am not sure there are even any courses available in anything that would only take three weeks to complete…
Being bored though is the worst.
Idleness is very destructive. 
--Well, I draw and paint well, I also do a good job at various crafts, and it makes me happy and busy. Maybe this is what I should
focus on, instead of looking for a job or any
volunteering position in these three weeks (I actually began making a nice rug doll a while ago and it's been lying around half-finished for a while now, so maybe I could finish it, to begin with…) 
I guess I can read and learn something too, without having to attend any organized courses… And then there's also writing, as always...
Okay, at least here are some ideas…
I am still going to have to think hard to keep myself occupied with something more or less productive during all this time...

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