Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Is it Really Cold in Russia?

Is It Reeallllyyy C-cold in Russia?

I find it mildly annoying that nearly everyone in Canada (!) (not Guatemala)  keeps saying "Oh it must be Really cold in Russia"
Damn! >_<
Here's the official full answer to this 1000 of identical questions:
Compare the weather forecasts and look at the map.. (Where I live it is now -1 - -3 while in Canada it is now, what, -13 at least! (in March) )
Canada is spread all the way northwards while Russia is spread from East to West! Look  the globe or the world map and cross-compare the latitudes.
Finally, Ottawa is officially the coldest capital in the world! 
Do Canadians themselves really not  know that? I'm surprised… After all, it's the world record of a kind, to have the coldest capital..
(And even when it's -20 outside some people in Canada apparently still think we are situated in subtropics and that it is Russia and Moscow (where it's around -5 in winter) that's the real North Pole… ;)
I'm not even mentioning the fact that in Ottawa there's high humidity, while in Russia (in the majority of its territories, anyway) the humidity is very low.
+ in Russia it is generally Not windy at all, because of the mountins (where I am from) (These mountains also protect the Eastern side of Russia which includes Siberia from the winds) and.. well.. for that and other reasons in the majority of other territories it isn't too windy either. 
So while at -18 for the two reasons listed above in Ottawa it feels much colder (like -25), in Russia whenever the temperature goes down this low (rarely in March though!) it feels considerably warmer (about -15) . 
And, by the way, our spring already started 5 days ago! (on March 1st not March 21st) =)
We do have more snow, generally!
But the effect from the snow is the warming one! 
Snow = precipitation -->
precipitation =clouds -->clouds = insulation of the earth surface ( i.e. keeping the warmth accumulating near the ground rather than having it escape into the atmosphere). 
But of course everyone knew that already ;) + the added bonus of snow is, of course, the pretty, "typical" Winter! ( Pretty winter = lots of snow on the trees and snow flakes quietly falling down (no wind, remember!) on a thick layer of snow on the ground!) 
So Canadians! Don't be funny and, when it is freezing -25 (or -18 in March) in Ottawa, don't make horrified expressions and say "You are from Russia? Wow it must be Reallllyyy cold there!"

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