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Responses to Comments from Facebook on the article For the Open-Minded people Only

Responses to Comments from Facebook on the article For the Open-Minded people Only

Since FB would not allow me to post such a long comment,

and neither will Blogger, here is the comment with all of my responses that I meant to post:

Quote: animals go instinct all the time, with or without the aid of humans.

A: ..and yet we are trying to save them. Why should we not try to preserve parts of our own species then. For the same reason, except maybe even more so. 

Q: ppl who "stay with their own" breed genetic defects instead of bringing new healthy ones into the mix.

A: If the population is large enough, there will be no inbreeding. It’s not about the new genes but their combinations, inbreeding only happens when it is close relatives that get together, because there wasn’t a chance for genes to get “re-arranged” enough, it’s not really about New genes. even if two people who at some point had one great-great-great grandmother get together, the variation they’ve got through the 3 generations would be enough to guarantee no inbreeding. New traits from outside need not be added. Just enough people to allow a few generations to pass without relatives mating. 

Q: " If we speak of purely aesthetic elements- sure, "white people are extinct". But, then, I'd like to ask you who these white people are. I hope you are not using many Russians as a reference who are, just like yourself, contain very prominent Asian features in their physical appearance as a result of Mongolian invasion centuries ago. "

A: I outlined some of the general characteristics of such people. Fair features would be one of the main ones. 

Q: When I was a child there was nothing more attractive to me than a blonde white girl with blue eyes... in my adulthood, I find it to be the least interesting configuration... but there are always exceptions.

A: Well, I’m sure you also don’t find some of the other endangered beings on this planet physically (sexually) attractive, but that does not make them worthless.

Q: I know, I know... too long didn't read......

A: Well if you did, you’d find many of the answers to your arguments right there.

Q: only, the white tiger is a genetic abnormality, and achieved it's look mostly through inbreeding, and due to this, there are many genetic disorders that animal is plagued with, not only that, but white tigers don't often mate with other white tigers, unless they are forced to (no other non-white tigers around).

A: I am not likening white tiger to the white human in absolutely all aspects. White tiger may have inbred gene combinations which result in it being less fit +recessive genes whereas white human has just recessive genes, the reason I am drawing a parallel is because of the similarity in their relative numbers (white vs red and white vs darker non-white with humans, and recessive genes, to illustrate the situation in that way. 

Q: This is kind of a ridiculous article. If anyone is really concerned with "race" they need to read up on genetics. The more you do the less you will believe in the idea that "race" exists. We are all made up of genetic traits. Thats it thats all.

A: What about other animals then, how come with respect to them we are comfortable do agree that there are distinctions between species and sub-species but not when it comes to humans 

Q: basically what you're implying is that, everyone who doesn't think the way you do, is narrow minded? you've given your opinion, and thoughts, or whatever, others have responded, and you havn't really said much other than, well, since you disagree, you are obviously not as "open minded" as I am. which really says/means nothing,..

A: No, it’s just a neat co-incidence that in many countries people accept these ideas, that we need to preserve the genes and the features associated with that particular ethnicity (at least most, or half or some people) but in north America, you are guaranteed to only get criticism. THAT’S the result of some kind of societal expected view, not actual scientific facts. 

Q:also, sweden officialy has the pretties girls? who made this official? were you part of the judging panel? lol

Honestly, I wanted to hear your side, maybe I was missing something. and your response is, pure swedes are the hottest people in the world, and we need to preserve their hotness. great, I feel like I've learned something, my mind isn't as narrow, thanks for the education

A: Unfortunately, you must have missed that I mentioned it’s definitely not a cut in stone fact that they are THE hottest, but the fact that, by many they are considered to be so, proves at least that they are NOT non-hot, or even that most are pretty hot, and that’s enough to prove that there’s no inbreeding or anything like that. (inbreeding only happens when it is close relatives that get together, other than that, the variation is enough, and even if two people who have the same great-great-great grandmother get together, the variation they’ve got through the 3 generations would be enough to guarantee no inbreeding. New traits from outside need not be added. 


A: No, if the case was so unique as to make it’s way to a newspaper that show’s the opposite: there’s no hope. Plus it’s yellow press, the facts and science behind it doesn’t matter as much as whether or not the general public will find it interesting. There are many fake posers there, there was likely more involved there I reality than two black people giving birth two a totally white child out of the blue for sure 

Q: But it is common sense you assume certain things, if a white child went to a predominantly black school, and she said she is being bullied for being white, one would assume that there is a greater chance for those bullies to be black, same goes if she went to an asian school (most likely asian bullies). there is no hypocrisy, you're just stirring the pot, and I applaud you for that. your troll skills surpass mine.

A: Except that the white kids would be stopped and punished for being racist, while black kids would most likely just hear “oh, stop that, it’s not very nice”

Q: Individual races on their own are diverse. Its genetic traits ppl want to preserve. You can find blonde hair an blue eyes in the depths of Africa. You can find dark tan skin and negro like hair in Italy both from blood lines that haven't seen any interbreeding. Diversity is great but the idea of race is a myth when you really get down to it.

A: Well, I didn’t hear of too many people in Russia giving birth to a black kid all of a sudden. And by too many I mean any  Maybe this happens in America.. but maybe the reason is there are many adult black guys around in America too, so probably not from TWO white people after all!

Q: I get the idea that blonde hair and blue eyes are becoming a rarity in north america but its not necessarily because of the mixing of races and the decline of white ppl

A: It is, because in the countries where the “melting pot” idea is not encouraged, and people have a distinct nationality (like many European countries for instance, and Russia as well, there is no dramatic decline in blue eyes, blonde hair and other recessive traits.. ( I actually thought blue eyes is nothing special, before coming to Canada (well here there’s people with blue eyes (still) but you can actually get complemented for the blue eye colour)

Q: Murat Keskin this article is for open-minded people only and it's not racist and it's about saving white race which is in danger mmm?? alright then... so give us some recommendations to save white people Elena, then let's see if you're racist or not ;))
a recommendation from me!! Let's gather you and a lot of white women & men in a safe place (Elena in Wonderland: NO non-white people allowwwweddd!!), and watch-control how you are breeding? sounds perverted? Come on Elena! be open-minded!! this is for white people's goodness, don't you remember white tigers??? XDD

A: You are employing the fallacy of logic called “Straw Man” ;) where you distort my ideas on your own until they turn into something ridiculous I’d never say, and then make fun of this “Straw Man” that you created yourself. So no, white people shouldn’t be enclosed somewhere with no one else allowed, for now, the means of preserving fair features could be as simple as encouraging people to respect and preserve their ancestrial heritage and culture, and encourage to marrysomeone from their own culture, while maintaining respect for members of other cultures as well, that’s all.

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